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February 09, 2008



My husband has the same lack of attraction to chocolate as you...while we women seem to be "cursed" with an ever-increasing attraction...

Mary Emken

Interesting! Since I can't pretict I well be here when I'm in my geriactric years I think I'll keep enjoying those delicious sweets. The way things keep changing in an other ten years they will probably have chocolet be a cure for every thing.

Mary Emken

Opps! Chocolate!

Miss Understood

It doesn't do it for me.
Peanuts. Crisps. Salty stuff. Yum yum.

Titania Starlight

Hello Nicholas,

This is very interesting news. I eat chocolate maybe a few times per year. I do not gobble it in large amounts. Ever. The reason? There is a chemical in chocolate that I am sensitive to and this chemical will give me one hell of a migraine. I inherited this from my mum. So I guess in the end mother nature was kind to me by not allowing me to become a chocolate addict. :o)

Take care,

Tilly Greene

I don't smoke, never have, but I imagine trying to give up my love for Hot Chocolate would be along the same lines. In my short life I've already had to give up drinking Coca Cola - my first love - for health reasons, I'm not sure I have the strength to give up something else.

This would leave me water, just water, and while I partake plenty of the refreshing drink, I'm not all that in love with it.

How about if I double up on the calcium intake? This is sad news Nicholas, very sad.


Meh I'm indifferent to milk chocolate. I have trouble when confronted with See's dark chocolate covered caramels though. I did buy some pie at the Marie Callendar semi-annual pie sale. My 18 yr old had to have the chocolate satin. I debated over the Kahlua cream cheese pie and ended up with... coconut cream. No chocolate. I wonder though, how does this report rate when stacked up against the one about dark chocolate being good for you?


I read somewhere that men don't get cellulite either, some different way your fat is deposited from ours.

you men beasts suck.


I can take or leave chocolate, though we did have some yummy nutty cadbury yesterday, brought over by a British cousin. Mmmm. Generally, it's salt for me more than sweet.

I clicked the link, and I found it interesting that there are those doubters who suggest that the difference between those who ate a lot of chocolate and those who didn't wasn't really in the eating of the chocolate, but in the overall lifestyle. They didn't correct for that in the study, so it may be that those with the brittle bones not only ate more chocolate, but they also didn't do enough weight bearing exercise, perhaps smoked, etc. Those are bit predictors for osteo.

As long as potato chips don't cause osteo, I'll be OK. ;)


Ha! I don't believe a word. Chocolate is GOOD for us women!! "scientific research" my foot! LOL!


Now they want to take my chocolate away? Those scientists are rather insistent on me living a lifestyle devoid of anything enjoyable.

Hmm...maybe I'll just start spending my free time beating on scientists for entertainment.


Everything that I like is bad for me so I'm not surprised at all. I'll still eat my chocs whatever the boffins say.


I refuse to believe such a horrible thing!

Linda at 2nd cup

Sticks and ... chocolate may break my bones, but not having chocolate will kill me.


Pooh on that study -- I'm gonna eat my's my right as a woman, right?!?


*fingers in ears*


My husband feels the same way! I just don't understand it. I LOVE Chocolate! And in it's dark form it's great for your heart. I'll take a healthy heart over perfect bones any day. ;)


Somehow that doesn't surprise me. My husband can eat anything to his heart's delight and nary gain a pound, while I only have to smell the aroma and turn into a blimp. Nature is so very cruel that way.

mike golch

came to visit from project mommy.Chocolate is chocolate and it is good no mater who you are.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


LALALALALALALA (said with hands over ears!) I can't here you! Not a good thing to say to a Mom and daughter snowbound in their home WITHOUT chocolate. (What was I thinking...I knew this storm was coming!!!)
We might just have to go! All in jest of course. Enjoy your site. Thanks for the nice comment on mine.


Oh, I just noticed that Tasha in a previous comment responded the same! I think I'll go get some sympathy from her! ;)

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