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March 05, 2008



Your booklists are never boring! "Forgotten English" sounds interesting.
Thanks for visiting my inspiring people TT. No need to be embarrassed!

Nicole Austin

Another great list. Hey,anything involving books is good, in my opinion. Absolute Power is one of my favorite novels. Its one of those books that captures your imagination right away. I agree with you, the book is much better than the movie!

The Gal Herself

I've read Absolute Power and Pure Drivel. I enjoy Baldacci books when I'm reading them, but can't remember much about them when I'm done. Didn't remember it from the title, but I recognized it from your synopsis. Pure Drivel, though, was a pure delight! (Thanks for visiting my TT)


Ahhhh - wry martinis. I shall go out and purchase that one. Love them there drinks.

Happy TT!

ellen b

I really enjoy Dorothy Sayers. Now I'm going to ask the hubby to make me a martini or since I mentioned Sayers maybe I should make that a gin and tonic...

marcia v

I have read 2 of Steve Martin's and enjoyed them so much

On a Limb with Claudia

ha ha! A list where I've read exactly nothing!

Tapping foot.... I know it's all about ME after all! ;)

I don't know how you have space for all these books - as usual you inspire.


Chelle Y.

You must have an amazing mind! I feel so silly with my lists now. :)


Hmmm. You know, two word titles are kind of rare, now that I think about it... Just curious, how long did this take you? Or, did you already have the book titles swirling in your head?


What a great idea and cool reviews! Now I have a list to go to the library with next time. Thanks for sharing and visiting. Happy TT!


The only one I actually read is Rising Sun, but I really want to get that book on Gordon Ramsay. I'll add it to my wishlist. Happy TT!


I've only read Rising Sun and it was one of my least favorite Crichton books ever. It's so xenophobic! Happy TT.


These are great... you always come up with the most interesting titles.


And I thought I lived in the library (smile).

Susan Helene Gottfried

I don't understand why Donald Westlake isn't more widely known, either. I've only read two of his books so far, but both have stayed with me for a long time. He's really a fabulous writer.


Fun list! I've actually read a few of them this time -- Pure Drivel was my first Steve Martin book, and I probably read Needful Things years before I should have been "allowed" to. "Wry Martinis" is going on my "to check out sometime" list.

(also, I went through my spam folder today, and I just saw your email. I have a very spotty knowledge of jazz, but I do love Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington and, of course, Louis Armstrong. Boyfriend and I just got into a debate over whether Billie Holiday belongs under Jazz or Blues...)


Now a bunch of these I've read!

Happy TT.

No nonsense girl

Cool Nicholas. Happy TT!


Nope...havent read any of those books either. I guess we just dont have the same taste in books, do we?? lol...Happy TT.


for a second there i thought i would end up commenting that i haven't heard of or read anything on your list, but it must be my lucky day - i have read Needful Things, Rising Sun, and I have Pure Drivel on my bookshelf but haven't read it. How was Gordon Ramsay's Humble Pie? I was thinking about getting it for my son for his birthday - he loves his shows!


So many books, so little time.

I remember Needful Things and the idea of everyone trading for what they thought they wanted and being asked to do seemingly small things that ended up having big consequences. I only read it once though so I'll have to see if I own it and go back to see how I like it.

There was more I was going to say but I'm sleepy and need to hit some other blogs. Talk to you later. :)



Interesting list. Thanks for sharing.


I enjoyed both Rising Sun and Absolute Power, and yes, the second was much better as a big.

Ann Bruce

I'm getting WRY MARTINIS for its title alone.


I love Gordon Ramsey. I haven't read the others. I will have to check them out. Thanks for the Thirteen!


Gordon Ramsay cracks me up. We really enjoy his shows. Maybe I'll have to see what the books about. Interesting list, Nicholas!

Happy TT!


I think I have read a few of these, not sure becaue the book cover and the titles are different in french.


Ah yez ... Needful Things was a disturbing book and Absolute Power was my introduction to Baldacci (if memory serves). Actually I've read several of these books but hadn't thought of any of them in a long time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Hugs and blessings,


I flunk! My score is 1/13. Argh! That single point is for Rising Sun, btw.

Kat's Krackerbox

I haven't read any of those. Guess they'll be going on my list of books to read! Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT


Baldachi is one of te authors I read as much as I can. As usual a great book list with some new ones for me to read.

Lazy Daisy

Some great titles here. I will definitely check out Humble Pie with Gordon Ramsey. You always have the best lists. Thanks!

Tilly Greene

I LOVE Steve Martin mainly because he is very cerebral and yet funny as heck! Okay, he reminds me a bit of Griff Rhys Jones - a thinking man's comedian :-)

Now, Gordon Ramsey gives it without sugar coating - some people need their truth delivered to them that way. I think they tried to tone him down in his show for the US market.

As always, an interesting list where I always find something I'd like to read and this week it's Forgotten English! I like books about words - what a shocker :-).

Dane Bramage

Another amazing list. Just how many books do you have? Are they cataloged on computer? Inquiring minds want to know. Have you ever posted the history of your literary obsession. Maybe a post or two is in order along with the logistics of maintaining such a library.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen theis week.


You always feature some great books here. nice to see.

Lori (there are lots of us apparently)

Love the book lists. I am a bibliophile myself so thistype of list never gets old. :-)

I adore David Baldacci and Dorothy Sayers. Rising Sun was given to me by a friend and is still sitting in my closet. I may have to pull that out after I finish the next few books on my list.

Nice list!

Comedy Plus

I just finished my first David Baldacci book this past weekend. Simple Genius. It was awesome. Great list here as always. Have a wonderful TT. :)


Great list. I love words - especially words not used in every-other sentence. I've got to find a copy of Forgotten English. Thank you.


I loved “Rising Sun” by MICHAEL CRICHTON. That's the only one on this weeks list that I have read.


I am always amazed at how large your library must be. I think I would enjoy forgotten english. Thanks!


Although I never seem to have read most of the books you list - I DO always enjoy seeing what you come up with for a theme! I still haven't read any of these - BUT I have read a couple of books by two of the authors (Stephen King and Michael Crichton) so I'm getting closer...

Thanks for stopping by my TT-13!




I have never read any of those! There are a few I'm going to check out.

Barbara H.

This one took a lot of thought!


The only one I've read was Rising Sun--it was better than the movie (well, at least I think it was--I saw the movie dubbed in German, so I might have missed some things).

Absolute Power is in my TBR pile somewhere, I think--at least, the cover looks familiar, and I know I bought a handful of Baldacci's books a while back.


Great list, funny I mentioned Gordon in my TT too. I just watched Logans Run ( again lol) the other night,Ustinov was brilliant as always.


The Steve Marting one sounds interesting! Would be interesting to see what is in the mind of that man that we always seen in funny roles!


Well, I've read Strong Poison and I'm keen to read Forgotten English. Interesting TT as always.


I hopped up to see what books on my mantel fit the bill and came up with Plum Wine (which I bought to read for book group and then didn't) and Raving Fans (one of my husband's business books).

Hootin' Anni

Y'know I started reading Stephen King's book and never finished it. Can't remember why just now. I'm gonna have to check it out again.

Love your style for I love books!!!


"Thirteen Thursday" is a two word title. Do you really have all these books? Run a book store?


Gordon Ramsey is snarkiness personified. I love him to pieces!

I shall not disappoint this week. I did not remove my post this time.

How do you feel about standardized testing? I've posted 13 Anti-NCLB Sentiments to mark the end of a stressful testing week.

Happy TT!


I've not read one of the books on the list. I tend to stick to fantasy and romance novels. I've heard really good things about Ramsey though. Happy TT.


your book list is sooo different from what mine would be, all jane austen jane austen :) great list! thanks for stopping by!


nice list you have theres! i particularly like Stephen King and Michael Crichton. Thanks for dropping by. Happy TT!


I vaguely remember reading Absolute Power and Needful Things. I like this twist on your booklist TT though. And, I really think I wanna read Forgotten English now! Even more than that... I think I wanna make you a TT banner that goes with your blog. Oooh! Must. Open. Photoshop. Happy TT, Nicholas!

Matthew James Didier

Great post! Excellent list! Two words? Good idea! Great stuff!

Wylie Kinson

I've read a few David Baldacci's, including the one you mention, and quite enjoy him. Solid plots.
Needful Things - I read it but don't remember much about it except for the cramped shop and a woman with arthritis and a strange amulet... King's novels usually have more of an impact on me, but this one obviously didn't.
I LOVED Crichton's Rising Sun. One of his best. Have you read Disclosure? Another great one, though the movie version missed the point, as usual!


There are at least a couple of them on that list that I would like to read too! Gorden Ramsey,the Wry Martini, and the Forgotten English! Great list, and um ... thx for visiting my TT!


I love Steve Martin but never knew he wrote pure Drivel.

I have seen Ramsay tv show "Hell Kitchen" and he sure is mean but I know he did it to make the contestant be stronger...well I think hehe. But I like his show :)


Great list! I had only read one of the books on your list but I am definately going to check some of the others out...

Thanks for stopping by my TT...



This is an interesting list.

RE: Colin Farrell - I don't actually remember seeing him in any of the episodes I watched a million years ago, but according to IMDB, he played Danny in 1998-99, for 18 episodes. When I heard this, I was stumped, since I have no recollection of him before American Outlaws.

But, if IMDb says it, it must be true - LOL!


I must get myself a copy of that Forgotten English book. I just love words. I'll bet there are some interesting ones in there!


Gosh, every time I come here I think I should have held on to all the action books and bestsellers I've read because I can't remember any of them or the stories they told once the book itself is out of sight. Oh well. There's always your fascinating collection to look at.

Infinity Goods

You found three people I like: Peter Ustinov, Gordon Ramsay and Steve Martin. :-)

Auria Cortes

Forgotten English is a book I definately want to read.

Joy Renee

Forgotten English sounds nectareous to this wordoholic.

thanx for visiting my TT pics of our new library.

hey, how bout some pics of your library. that new camera/phone should make it a snap.

did anyone ever tell you you look like Robin Williams? if not it could just be my dubitable eyesight.

Pamela Kramer

This was a great twist for your book list. I'm still trying to get over "Rampant Thighs" LOL - That just made me giggle! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get here. I've been coding prizes for a blog party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. I'll be quicker this week. :)


I've only read your blog a few times, but I've begun to wonder if you, like me, are a "grammar nerd" (grammar nazi, or whatever you want to call it). You seem to have a deep-seated respect for the English language.

Do you, too, cringe at fractured English?

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