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March 26, 2008



I feel as if I do nothing. Wow.


That's some interesting stuff! I wasn't aware of a lot of it!
Thanks for visiting my grandmothers TT.

On a Limb with Claudia

I interviewed like 300 authors in the Open Grove. You'd be surprised how many authors do this. In modern times, a lot of authors bid/pitch books then write them at the deadline. This is supposed to be a very lucrative way of writing books. Sadly, my head doesn't work like that.

Yes, yes, those boundaries we talked about before! ;)

Happy TT!


Thanks for the interesting list. It's amazing how some people can write. It must be a mixture of being able to let yourself go, on top of talent (which has been developed by a lot of writing and editing) fueled by desperation.

I've done NaNoWriMo the past few years, and I can say that what I've written in one month could never be considered publishable much less turn into a best seller.


Damn, Mr. Simenon was a busy man! Still, his 10,000 falls far short of Wilt Chamberlain's claim of over 20,000 women. By the way, the volumes in "The Book of Lists" series are some of my favorite sources for fascinating information.


I can't imagine! I wrote a 300+ page book and I managed it in three months - but that was three months of little or no sleep. I can't imagine cranking one out - no less a GREAT one that fast.

There are groups though that try to write a book in a week. Mostly an exercise to get people going. Wow!




And many of them did them longhand at that! Amazing...

The Happy Housewife

My daughter would tell you that Ms. Alcott should have spent more time on Little Men, for she did not care for the book at all. She found Eight Cousins more entertaining, and of course loved Little Women, as most young girls do.

SJ Reidhead

I wrote both of my published novels in about 3 weeks. That's all I did. When i write fiction if I do not keep at it I never finish the project.

The Pink Flamingo

Susan Helene Gottfried

When #2 starts first grade in the fall, I'll return to my pre-Mommyhood proliferation. I hope.

I was pretty good; everyone in my grad school class hated me. :D

Ann Bruce

It takes me at least a month to write a novella!

Nicole Austin

Great list. Very interesting.

The shortest time its ever taken me to write a story is 3 weeks, and that still amazes me.

Deadlines give me the hives!


I have a fantastic old (second or third edition) copy of Robinson Crusoe that also has the sequel. It's one of my all time favorite books in my collection.

Happy TT.


This is quite a list of heavy weights. Alcott has always been a favorite. She worked her fingers to the bone as a writer. As a young woman, I devoured every word.

Thanks for this glimpse of a wide range of brilliance.


Wow. What a cool list. Thanks for sharing! :)


what a great list! Happy TT. thanks for visiting my TT.


What about John Saul??? He is one of my favorite authors. Happy Anniversary:) Mine was in February. Happy TT Nicholas...have a great week.


BTW...I linked you to my blog. I cant believe I didnt do it before now. Ciao:)


SIX WEEKS? Good heavens. I'm truly stunned by some of the books too. I just can't imagine doing anything else for those 6 weeks -- you'd just have to have one purpose: write. Interrupted occasionally by a meal and hopefully a shower! I also can't imagine doing that in longhand without the benefit of spell check!
Great TT always!


Scary. I can't imagine getting it done in 6 weeks. Maybe if I did nothing else.

marcia v

wouldn't it be nice to be so prolific?? i am glad some are

Lisa Andel

I'm not so much a deadline writer, but when I'm "on" I'll write 10-12K words a day.

Don't ask about the "off" times. :-)


Congrats on your meme anniversary! Nice trivia, Nicholas. Sounds like some of them lived in the NaNoWriMo mindset.


What an interesting post!

Makes me feel next-to-worthless as a wannabe writer, but great post all the same!


I'm so impressed when someone can write a novel at all.


That is crazy that they can write a novel that fast. It takes a very creative and active imagination but they are some great works.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

Congratulations on a whole year of TT! That's awesome! Even more awesome is that you have one book published. That is quite an accomplishment. I have children's books upon completed children's books sitting in microsoft word documents that I've been to chicken to ever send anywhere! The novel will probably always be a work-in-progress I fear. :(

Great TT. And some great authors you listed.
Thanks for visiting my blog last week. Not much blogging for me due to Spring Break, but I'm here now! :)


I can't decide if this list is inspiring or makes me feel like a slacker...perhaps both.

And for the first time in months, I actually participated in T13, too.


Stephen King blows me away with his volume of work. And it's mostly good quality. I guess it's a gift!


Thanks for your comment on my TT!:) #12 always fasinates everyone!:)Your TT list was quite a very interesting read too!


Wow! I would love to complete a novel but to do so in such short times? That is impressive!

Deanna Dahlsad

How much stationary was in King's room?! All I ever get is 3 of those small sheets...

Yeah. It's the limited number of sheets of paper that's prevented me from writing the next great literary work.

I swear.


If I start writing today I should be through with my novel by May (LOL). Thanks for sharing the information. I would have never known that Louisa May Alcott and Ann Rice were such fast writers. Happy TT.

Tilly Greene

Oh wow! I mean flippin' wow! This both a daunting and inspiring list Nicholas...but it pretty much follows my number 1 rule for writing: B.I.C. It won't get done unless you put "butt in chair" and WRITE!


Ha! I did not know this about any of them. I must admit that I never heard of about six of them. They are a bunch of very talented people, I could not write a boOk in a year (lol). Happy TT!

Wylie Kinson

Very interesting, N. Sadly, I'll never make this list! I'm not a fast writer and my inner-editor fights me every step of the way. It took me 6 weeks to write a 40,000 word novella! Then again, I'm wondering if any of the above authors had kids demanding their attention - ha ha!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings

Wow! What an amazing list! I just can't imagine writing so fast!


Very interesting and entertaining list! And, congrats on your Memeversary! (is that a word? if not, I guess I just coined it, and it only took 3 seconds! Does that qualify me for your list?! LOL)

Happy TT!


Wow … six weeks? That’s a humbling thought indeed! Congratulations on an entire year of T-13s. I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


*dies* The fastest I've written is 51K in 11 days and then I took a month off. Happy TT!


Wow, that's almost depressing. I have also participated in NaNoWriMo but haven't produced anything remotely publishable in that time frame. It is fun though.

But this


Wow, that's almost depressing. I have also participated in NaNoWriMo but haven't produced anything remotely publishable in that time frame. It is fun though.

But this


And here I was impressed with all the people who actually finish a whole book during NaNoWriMo! Amazing.

Karen Bastille

Well, sir, this is one of the more depressing lists I've read. I have all I can do to keep up with my site and blogs -
when I tried NaNoWriMo this year, I fell so badly behind in just two weeks that I knew it was all over.
Three days for Jekyll and Hyde, eh?
Wonder how long that Garden of Verses took?

Thanks, Nicholas -
I always love your lists,
depressing or not!


Wow, that's interesting stuff about authors. I never knew that!


It makes things like National Novel Writing Month seem more worthwhile. *Grin*


Tiffany Aller

Sickening. Six weeks to a first draft? I'll be lucky to hit six years at this point. What a neat topic to choose - I enjoyed!

Dane Bramage

Well if I have a reat novel in me then it is hiding pretty well.
My Thursday Thirteen #73 is up! 13 What I Should Have Said and What I Said Stop by if you get a chance.


I wrote the book about my brothers in 3 months. I wouldn't compare it to any of these novelists though. I nit pick much more now.


I wrote the book about my brothers in 3 months. I wouldn't compare it to any of these novelists though. I nit pick much more now.


I'm just amazed that these authors were able to produce great books ;i'm so green now; And even more amazed to
know they did them at the shortest possible time.


I guess some people are just singularly driven. Also, I can't imagine their novels involved much research and fact checking. Maybe I'll sit down and actually write a novel myself someday. Whether it gets published or not is a different story of course.

Homemaking Mama

Next time you should go the other extreme and list the books that took the longest to write :) I would have to go back and read for the exact details, but one of Stephen Kings books took him 30 years, on and off, to write (if I remember correctly - I read that litle tid bit a while ago)I have been trying to write my own book for almost 12 months now and I thought that wasn't so's a very few that can write a good book in next to no time at all :)
Great TT!


That is absolutely amazing how fast these people wrote these amazing books!! A fun read! Thanks!

auria cortes

I'm participating in the 70 Day Sweat Writing Challenge. The first draft of my novel will be complete in the middle of April.

Wish me luck!

Matthew James Didier

one year of TT... wow... I hit the big "Four-Oh" myself, so another dozen to catch up! Nice list of speed-writers... I have to admit, some of those listed (especially Waugh) are striking because I can't imagine the novels being whacked out so rapidly!


Wow! I'll have to pass this list on to my friend Debbie, as she can average about six weeks for her books. Happy TT!


Wow. I feel a little unworthy next to all of that. Makes me feel like a slug.

nap warden

Wow, unbelievable! I can't even write my grocery list, let alone a novel in five weeks!

Ruff Diamond

Love the list. Anne Rice is one of my favorite writers, and Little Women is one of my favorite books. I envy anyone who has enough creativity to write a book.


Wow. I guess when you got it you got. And they certainly do.

Great TT!


That's amazing!! I can definitely understand why you are so bitter. :) If I could write a novel in that short amount of time, I will be impress with my ownself.

Great TT and very much interesting!!


...& Jack Kerouac wrote 'On the Road' in about 3 weeks, on one long scroll of paper.

This all makes me feel like a bit of a slacker. :)


I can't even fathom writing a novel in 3 days. Amazing!!


I am impressed by anyone who can write a novel in any amount of time. I've always wished I had the gift to write.

Cindy Swanson

Very interesting, Nicholas! (Wow! 66 commenters? Amazing!) I love literary trivia, and Louisa May Alcott was one of my favorites as a child. I think I've read Little Women at least 50 times!

Congrats on being a part of TT for a year! Yours are always interesting.


Wow, I am so impressed with this TT and the fact that you have a book published. Major accomplishment.

Thanks for visiting my TT.


I am so impressed with someone who can write a novel. And especially a novel someone might actually read! I have a hard enough time writing blog entries. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


This interesting, I admire authors who can write less in those weeks and the books turn out great :)

Little Women is one of my favorite movies I've seen but never read the book. I'm gonna see if I can change that...heheh.


Great list!


I can't imagine being able to write so quickly! Wow. I also had no idea about Steven King/Richard Bachman! How did I miss that?!!

I loved this interesting post.

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