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March 08, 2008



WOOT! Looking goooood Nicholas! I am a T-Mobile customer. I love the whole sim card thing. If I drop my Samsung Stripe and break it, all I have to do is take out the sim card and shove it in my backup phone and I am still in business. Plus T-Mobile has the best customer service ever. Even my kid will call them.

You know, I like Richard Branson. The man is smart and likable. He doesn't come off as a stuck up very rich man at all. I think it's cause he's prolly not stuck up.

Hey! Are you sure that's the Oyster? I looks like the Cyclops to me... At any rate, welcome to the upgraded cell world!

No nonsense girl

Looking good Nicholas! :)


Congrats on joining the cell revolution...I knew it was truly universal when my friend Susan who drives a 1972 VW Bug got a cell phone! Now you have a camera phone!


Like you I'm only on my second phone. My first one lasted from 2000 until 2007 when it developed a short and would randomly push buttons or not depending on which was the most annoying thing to do. My new one still doesn't do anything fancy -- no camera or whatever other gadgetry is with the fancier phone.


I still don't have a cell phone. Working from my home, the only time I'm able to get away is when I'm not home, so I refuse to be any easier to get ahold of. My husband does have one though, being in real eastate, where a cell phone seems to be mandatory.


New fangled technology is so day I may join the camera phone revolution. Perhaps within the next decade or so - not anytime before they've become obsolete & replaced by something even more handy. ;)


Welcome to the new phone! I'm enjoying mine, since my camera went on the fritz...


Welcome to the 21st century, Nicholas! ;) Great phone; is that a pink trim I spy?

Tilly Greene

Coolness - now you can take pictures and get them onto your website! I haven't figured that one out yet :-)

Ahhh, so you listened to the interview - it was all good fun so I'll do it again when Audra can make. You'll like that one because she'll remind you a bit of jolly ol' - she's wonderful and Scottish.

Wylie Kinson

what's next? Facebook? hee


Congrats to your new phone Nicholas! I hope it much better than your old one, once you get the hang of all the cool stuff :)

I have camera on mine, but I don't use it to sent it to another cell members. I use it to take a picture of each person for each of my contact members phone numbers.

Hmm, I spy with my little eyes a pink stripe on your cell LOL!

Pamela Kramer

That is hilarious! What do you think of the change in technology after 4 years? It's pretty neat don't you think? Great pic by the way.


I have VM, both the hubs and I use the wild card, and love it. but we text a lot too....


Good for you! My fiance had similar "problem" a couple of years ago. He bought a new one then and is now due for two year upgrade. We'll see if he gets to the store before the phone dies on him. LOL!


Look at you...TOTALLY casual...cute:)


Since I got myself a cellphone 12 years ago, the current one I am using is only my third one. It is not colored, does not take photos or play music. Some people think it's odd but I couldn't just throw it to get a new one, can I!?

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