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April 12, 2008


Gwen Mitchell

I'm with you on the European chocolate - but the marshmallow and wafer - you can have them!

Still, always nice to make those little discoveries so close to home.


Wow, you never stop to amaze me! Well, mainly it amazes me that something like these sweets is actually available in America. Grabower's is a brand originally from Eastern Germany. They used to have a factory not far from where I live (not sure if it still exists, though).
I don't much like the stuff myself, it's too sweet and tasteless for me. Did you know, by the way, that these things used to be called Negerküsse in german? Of course, that was back before the term was deemed politically not correct anymore. LOL
As to the Russian: I supposedly learned that language in school for about 8 years. Now I am surrounded by Russians in school and have realized that I don't understand anything they say anymore. Which suits me just fine since I never liked the language anyway (mainly because we were forced to learn it and I never saw the point). I'm impressed that you actually remember some phrases. All I could say is Hello and Goodbye. :)


I hate American milk chocolate. It is horribly too sweet. Dark chocolate, the darker the better, is it for me. They're starting to make more things in dark chocolate - like M&Ms - now. Yummo. Those chocolates you got look yummo too, but I'm not sure about marshmallow. Usually it's too sweet for me. Maybe it would go with an espresso...

On a Limb with Claudia

We have those markets here. I find them disappointing and the people are sooo rude. I'm glad you found something that you could enjoy! :)

Wylie Kinson

My day starts and ends with Cadbury :)

The only Russian I know are swears, learned from my mom, who used them A LOT when I was a kid.


Is that frog on a tea leaf? Those grabowers would go well with a pot of rosie.


M&Ms in dark chocolate are just EXACTLY as dark as semi-sweet chocolate chips. I have a bowl of them next to me, so I know :) I am so happy to live in the Bay Area, where people can barely seem to get up in the morning without going out and starting up their own tiny chocolate store or tiny chocolate factory pumping out their own line of very good dark chocolate.

It's American mass marketing that craps all over food... like Scharffen-Berger, which used to be very good high-end chocolate with a distinctively fruity taste, sold out to Hershey's (I mean, HERSHEY'S? come ON) and, I hear, now tastes... flat. Not terrible, but worse. I still think we'll catch up to Europe eventually, but Hershey's is going to fight it every step of the damn way. They put corn syrup in some of their chocolates, for god's sake. Okay, I'm done, I swear.... I should start blogging at again if I have rants like that all lined up inside of me :)

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