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April 20, 2008


Carrie Lofty

Wow. Thanks for sharing that. Makes me wonder if the guys she argued with are the Al-Jezeera equivalent of Sean Hannity or Charles Gibson. You know? Where do they fit on the journalism ideology scale.


I loved listening to the passion in her voice while watching the subtitles. I was impressed that the questioners did not interject more often and more forcibly. When is the last time you have seen someone on American TV be able to speak like that without the people in the other little boxes cutting them off and trying to talk over them?

I wish I thought that her sound thoughts would change some behaviors.


Wow, this is incredible. A sane voice of reason - coming, of course, from a woman. ;-)
I can't believe this was actually broadcasted on Al Jazeera. Kudos to whoever is responsible for that decision.
But even though most of what she says is obviously true, I have to disagree with her praise for the oh-so non-violent Jews. (I know, as a German I am treading on treacherous ground when critizising Jews for pretty much anything, but what the hell.) They may never have blown up a cafe in Germany, but I think all the violence that goes on in Israel and Palestine on a regular basis shouldn't be ignored either.


I have to say, at the risk of someone being offended, that I too noticed that the woman's praise of Jews gave the impression that they are non-violent. While it's true that they do not have suicide bombers, they are very aggressive with retaliation and are not non-violent. It's probably true that they have been forced to be this way, but to infer that they are are not violent isn't correct either.

Where did you find this? It's amazing. And I couldn't help thinking as she was speaking that if she continues to espouse such ideals (truthful and logical as they may be) in public, that someone's bound to come along and assassinate her as they did Benazir Bhutto. It seems like it's part of the narrowminded and oppressive culture of the Muslim radicals that they seek to silence someone who speaks out against them so passionately, and logically.


I had to stop myself from standing up to applaud. Passionate, articulate, intelligent. In other words, the religious zealots will ignore her!!

And sadly, her life is probably now in danger...

On a Limb with Claudia

Gosh, she's amazing. While she was talking, I thought of the crusades and the violence of the Spanish Inquisition. Christianity also created it's prevalence with violence. And, listening the any evangelical, violent language and fear remain a mainstay.

Of course, there was all that stuff in the old testament... a few killings and rapings....

Still, nothing is every solved with US vs. THEM. I hear her larger US - only in the "we" can the world progress.

Thank you for the thoughtful piece - hope your Sunday is lovely.

Tilly Greene

Wow, what a powerful statement this woman has made by speaking her mind. Couldn't have been easy to take this big of a step forward. She's in my thoughts for safekeeping.

Matthew James Didier

Wow... I'm reminded of a quote...

"All moderates — Muslims, Jews, Christians — must unite against extremists who emerge out of these three religions. The fault line between you and us is not religion, culture or nationality — it's between moderates and extremists."
- Queen Rania of Jordan


Amazing clip. Thanks for sharing this link. I'm glad it was still working Monday evening when I happened upon it. I've watched it twice and she'll definitely be in my prayers!
Hugs and blessings,

No Nonsense girl

Happy T13 Nicholas!!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

Mr.Cat's glad you defended his brain. ;)

No Nonsense girl

Wow, this is a powerful video. She's amazing to defend her opinion like that.

:) She'll be in my thoughts and prayers. :)

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