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April 02, 2008


Ann Bruce


BTW, I might steal this idea for next week.

The Gal Herself

"I’m sure you have no idea how happy I am every time I get an e-mail from you, and you probably never will know because I can’t tell you." Thank you for including this one. It has inspired me to add it to the end of my next email to my best friend. Life's too short not to tell those we love, right?

And if you *really* could have said this at one time, it deserves its own post: "I don’t know what this will do to our friendship, but your mother just made a pass at me."


Beautiful irony - and truth - in some of those.


You know what - this one is good enough to steal the idea for! Hmmm, I bet I could come up with more than 13. Good post. Really - I want to make sure I say it so I don't wish I had later.



The Happy Housewife

My personal favorite...
"Sometimes it is hard even to pretend that I agree with you"

Chelle Y.

I could write things that I shouldn't say, but I did. Haha!

I am always putting my foot in my mouth.


Awww... no books this week.


You have surpassed yourself and may as well quit because you will NEVER come up with anything as wonderful as this. (see, I said it)

The worst of it is I've said different versions of your various comments to people. It is probably why I get few Christmas Cards and am rarely invited into polite society.

BTW - I've been told the same thing about my cooking - as if I give a rip!

The Pink Flamingo


Beautiful...just beautiful!! Every day I find myself biting my lip to avoid saying some of these very things! That's why I just can't watch that Jim Carrey movie "Liar, Liar". It gives me nightmares thinking of what would happen if I said what I really was thinking!
Great post!

On a Limb with Claudia

Oh I love this! I should do one. But you know, scratch the surface of the middle child and you find only apathy. lol! I have a couple favorites: "You must be the only person in London who doesn’t know that your son is gay." damn how many times.... and "over promoted buffoon who is completely out of touch with reality". Of course the cooking thing reminded me of Joyce on Midsommer Murders!

Promise me that you will just tell me! :)

Happy TT


Those were great! You so should have actually said some of them.


Awesome list, I have so many of those moments myself! I often recount them later with the added "okay, I didn't really say that, but I wanted to!"

Thanks for the welcome!


"I'd rather be dating your sister" spells disaster for the next family gathering! These are clever and fun. God bless.


WOW! These are not only funny... but very interesting. I mean, a story, a very good story, is lurking behind every one of these. Very intriguing list.

DK Raymer

Hi Nicholas! Thanks for stopping by my place this week. I loved reading your comments. I think each one is a terrific start for a collection of short stories.

Lazy Daisy

Interesting list for are you ever really going to say any of these things to the appropriate people?


LMAO...OMG what a great list. You totally made me laugh. Impressive:) You really are a silly boy, arent you? Happy TT my sweet friend and thanks for stopping by.

Ashley Ladd

Thanks for visiting my blog.

LOL to your Thursday 13 this week.

Congrats on finishing the first draft of your wip.


"I’d rather be dating your sister."

I reckon you wanted to say this to your wife's sister before you got married? ;-)

Great list! Happy TT. Next, we should do the things we shouldn't say but DID, like you!

Nicole Austin

LOLOL! Great list. "I'd rather be dating your sister." You should have said that one!

Cordia Amant

I did this for a recent TT, and I must say it is wonderfully liberating to write down things you haven't said.

Cordia Amant

I did this for a recent TT, and I must say it is wonderfully liberating to write down things you haven't said.


Some of those made me chuckle and they all made me curious.


What a wonderful TT. I'm trying to imagine who you would've said these to.


marcia v

hmmm do you think anyone recognized themselves or their loved one? I might have

Adelle Laudan

LOL remind me never to piss you off! lol Happy T13!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

O.K. That wasn't even my list and I feel so much more free. This is wonderful.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings

Great list! I was just thinking about this kind of thing the other day. Sometimes, it's such a relief to have not said something, and then it's funny how sometimes all you can do later is wish you had said something. Life is crazy like that.


This was very clever and amusing. I liked the one about the mom making a pass at you too. ;) It would be hell for me to write a list like this though. It's easier for me to spout fiction! LOL


LOL. Great lines. My uncle used to always say something like "Once, I thought I was wrong, but it turned out I was only mistaken." For some reason I was reminded of that reading these.
Thanks for stopping by -- hope you got a piece of cake!

Happy TT!


Fabulous! Too bad there is always so much we can't say...


Wow ! Now you must feel much lighter, lol !

Miss Understood

That was great!

I did this once, last year I think. It's harder than it looks, isn't it?


I wish I can say those things too...but I don't because I don't like to hurt other's feelings.

I also believe that I stayed married this long because I do not say what I want to say when I am pissed off.

However, I saw what I want to say when I am calm, and according to my husband, scary when my words sounds mad, and I am not.


It's a powerful list. I probably wouldn't have the nerve to post mine. (insert chicken noises here)


Boy, do some of these sound familiar!


As I grow older, this list gets shorter because I am more inclined to speak my mind with little regard for your feelings or opinions. That's not always a good thing.


Enjoyed your list.

This one sounds as if it could get you killed "I’d rather be dating your sister." Perhaps it's better that you didn't say it.

Tilly Greene

Fantastic TT! We do think of things and never say them, ever. As a writer you can twist it around and say it but you'll always wonder if they'll know it was them.

Interesting though, many of them made me curioius about what was happening at that exact moment that kept you from speaking your mind. Hmmm.


Clever idea for a T-13 and a fun list … leaving me chuckling and thinking of a similar list of my own.
Hugs and blessings,


well done! i might have said a few of these myself (but didn't)! happy TT!


This is hilarious! I wonder if some of the supposed recipients read here-lol! My Dad needs to say #3 to one of his friends!

You can check mine out here:

Have a great day!


Loved your TT! It is a great idea. Unfortunantly, I can't steal it because people would probably read it and figure it out anyway.

Congrats on finishing your book!!! That's an awesome accomplishment. I also appreciated your TT about quick novels. That must have taken a lot of research.

For some reason my email filter marked your reply to my comment on your book post as junk, and therefore I didn't see it until yesterday. I have put my 13 favorite books up.

Can't wait to see what TT you use next week.


Don't you feel better that you never really did say some of them?


I wrote a post like this once. I can't freaking find it now, but I did write it.

Sometimes I swear we should just say what we want to say, even if it hurts or offends someone else. keeping my trap shut is sometimes a bit overwhelming.


Wow! Doesn't sound like work is too much fun! I hope things get better!


GREAT list!!! I can't decide which is better - the one about mom making a pa ss at you or what you want to really tell your boss! Love it.


You've done it again, Nicholas! A fantastic list and one that I might steal for myself. I agree with Cordia, these made me curious. ;)


OOOH, good list! I did this one myself a few weeks ago...therapeutic, ain't it?


These are wonderful! I may have to steal it too, but it will take me a long time to come up with just the right ones. Thinking...


These are wonderful! I may have to steal it too, but it will take me a long time to come up with just the right ones. Thinking...

Dane Bramage

Lacking self control I often think similar things only to have to say to stun onlookers... "Did I just say that out loud?"

Great list. Thanks for visiting my 13 iPod song by the Mystery artist. It was Kate Bush with most of the songs being from the 70s and 80s.

Leslie Dicken

Wow! Those are amazing! A great idea...totally blows my "Blog Post" titles out of the water! LOL!

Sarah in Disturbia

that was great!! Love it! I might have to steal that one sometime in the future. Apologies for my male comment on my thirteen : )


Boy would I like to know what's behind a couple of your remarks...:)

Alice Audrey

Someone's mother actually made a pass at you?! Holy, smoly, I thought that was only in movies.


Ah, but for peace of the world the things we would say. There are times that I can actually taste blood from biting my tongue. Good T13.

Cindy Swanson

Ah yes, reminiscent of a recent TT by "Dane Bramage." Why do I always think of what I should have said long after the fact? But then again, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor! :)

Very funny.


It would be interesting to know how some of those would have been received. Eek. I'm hoping that the preferred sister and the mom making a pass at you weren't from the same family.

Happy TT!


Well Nicholas, in my opinion you have outdone yourself this week. These were all fabulously funny. Like The Gal said, I would love to know the story about the mother making a pass at you.

Happy TT, great job this week.


Absolutely one of the best lists I've read today. I laughed all the way through it. Happy TT!

nap warden

What a great idea for a TT. I might steal it as well. I am one of those people who obsesses about what I should have said...


LOL @ "I'd rather be dating your sister" ...too funny!! Thanks for visiting my TT, and yes, NOLA was mostly like a ghost town.


Don't we all have a long list of these? I think I'm sensing my TT list for next week...

Thanks for stopping by!


HA! Where did you meet my boss?


They used to play Twilight Zone episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel. I don't know if they still do. But you can watch episodes online at, as well as a few other places. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend.

random ramblings

im good at keeping things unsaid - but in return, they give me palpitations and hyped up acidity. nice if we sometimes say what we want to say - even if it is mean =)


That's a great idea! I think I may do random thoughts like this (what I should not say, eventhough I think it) lol. Have a great weekend!

Wylie Kinson

N - this is why I love HOUSE. He actually says all those things.
If I was still doing TT's, I'd insist on stealing this idea. Alas... my hidden thoughts will never be known.
Enjoyed the insight into your clever mind mind, however!

By the way, completely off topic, but have you seen the sketch comedy Little Britain? I'd be interested in your thoughts...

Gwen Mitchell

LOL. That was very entertaining!! I have thought several similar things before. It's a good thing we have internal editors. =)

Gwen Mitchell

LOL. That was very entertaining!! I have thought several similar things before. It's a good thing we have internal editors. =)

No Nonsense girl

Happy T13 Nicholas!!!! :)


That's a great idea. I like all of your lines, but two that I can imagine myself using over and over again are:

"I know I have made a complete mess of this and I thank you all for pretending so sweetly that I haven’t."


"Sometimes it is hard even to pretend that I agree with you"

I always think of clever lines once the moment has passed. It's a bit frustrating actually.

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