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April 16, 2008



I can't even listen to what you're saying...

...get totally distracted by your voice and accent.

Hola, British!



A most varied collection this week. Good taste.

Chelle Y.

I read my favorite books over and over again. I am definitely going to reread all the Harry Potter books someday. There is always something new that you missed, just like if you were watching a favorite movie again.

Oh, and I could see you liking "Hell's Kitchen" better than "Top Chef." You British guys are mean! Haha, just kidding!

I do like the "Amazing Race," but it stresses me because I always get nervous watching it. :)


I've only read ONE this week...The Rainmaker. Hubby read Hitler.

Hope you can drop by to view my T 13....I love visitors y'know. :o)


I've only read one, Rainmaker, but I think you talked me into the Purchase Street one. Happy TT.

On a Limb with Claudia

Pfft.... Silly boy. ahahahahaha.

So Tony Robbins says that people who read books and/or watch movies over and over again have a need for certainty in their lives. So there..... ahahaha silly boy....

Did forty years of murder help you when you were a copper??

Have read ANY of these this time.... guess I best get busy.


Got to admit I'm a sucker for books like TV Babylon. I remember running out to buy I Was A Teenage Greg written by one of the Brady Bunch kids lol. Happy TT


I think I may have read Rainmaker, but I can't be sure as I read several Grisham novels during a phase I went through years ago.

The Gal Herself

The only ones I read are "The Rainmaker" and ... "TV Babylon." I feel sooo low brow! But hey! A guy with a British accent read it so that elevates it somewhat, huh? (Thanks for visiting my TT)


Ah, again I haven't read any of them. But I do like some of Stephen King's works, Since he is from Maine, he'd often mention places un the NH/Maine area I knew well - so made it more interesting.

I might have to read TV Babylon though...




Ah, again I haven't read any of them. But I do like some of Stephen King's works, Since he is from Maine, he'd often mention places un the NH/Maine area I knew well - so made it more interesting.

I might have to read TV Babylon though...



Adelle Laudan

Sniff, I want to hear your voice too! lol Sadly, I've never read any of these books. Happy T13!


Loved Danse Macabre, of course :-)


I've only read the Rainmaker and it was quite good.


I just listened to your podcast - luv luv the accent, somehow I didn't realize you were British...duh!

I can totally relate to reading the same book more than once, I have a few books that I will read many times over.

What I like about reading a book again is the details you pick up that somehow you missed the first time. I always get something new out of it, a good book is like a pair of comfy shoes - you never tire of it.


I'll have to add these to books to read in the future. These days, it's sad to say, I have trouble finding the time to read the mail. Thanks for the list.


Man, I love the sound of your voice..that is so cool. You made me giggle because you ARE such a silly boy, with an awesome accent to boot! So, out of all these books that you have read multiple times, which one did you like the best?? Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Its always great to see you:)


Forty Years of Murder - now that sounds like my kind of book. I'm not sure why that topic fascinates me so much - perhaps it has something to do with watching Perry Mason every Saturday with my grandmother and reading her castoff Agatha Christie novels. Yes, I can blame it on my childhood!


I haven't read any of them but many of them look interesting to me. I shall jot some titles down. Happy TT.


The Rainmaker is my mother's favorite Grisham. I liked Runaway Jury.

I've read many books more than once. They are like old friends. Sometimes you just need their comfort.

It just dawned on me that my Peter Whimsy books are in my parents' storage unit. I keep telling myself I'm going to take a break and re-read (yet again) a few of them.

The Pink Flamingo


Oh cool with the voice intro, if you ever do an audiobook let us know! ;)

I have to admit that I don't read too many books more than once, though I know many people who do, and think it's more an issue with my own attention span and constantly wanting to read new and more, rather than re-read something I already have. Often some of my favorite books were some of the most poignant, and I think I tend to shy away from things that I know will be emotional and painful, even if I do know how they end!


You really should do more audio posts. Your voice is hypnotic.


Oh, I wish I could play the podcast but I am still in the office! Will definitely do that at home to hear the voice behind the blog! Cool!


I don't know if I have read one of these books because the books here are translated in french. I enjoyed to hear your talking at least it's clear and I learned English and not American, lol !


About Amsterdam, if you go there as often as I do (my son lives there) it becomes boring ! I prefered when he lived in London at least there I got never bored, lol !


I actually have “Danse Macabre” somewhere. It's among the books that I have but for whatever reason have not read yet. There are so many of those!


I'm pretty sure I read 19 Purchase Street at some point. I've read a good bit of Leon Uris, but not that one. The only books that I read over and over are Anne Lamott's books. They inspire me and make me laugh. sometimes I just need a good infusion of inspiration and laughter, so I pick up one of her books knowing it will give me a good dose of both. I don't think anyone who reads can be termed "silly."

If you didn't have a cool British accent would you still do an audio TT intro?

Brenda ND

I haven't read any of these books, but the one I'd read first would be "Forty Years of Murder." I'm adding it to my list. My blog's about one book. I’m featuring writing tips from Anne LaMott’s Bird By Bird, which isn’t all that old, but is a classic.


Warn a girl next time, will ya? Its too early in the morning to swoon over an accent. ;)

I'm victim of repeat readings. I have one book in particular that I read every year. I've had the book for I believe 8 years now.

Happy TT!

marcia @ joyismygoal

Always fun to see whatI am missing


The only one I've read of this batch is Rainmaker, but that's a good one :).

Harris Channing

Interesting list as always. Wish I had the time to read right now! Too much going on and none of it fun!

Have a great TT.



Yay, I cam back in time to get a TT with an audio post! *accent induced swoony sigh*

I completely understand the rereading of favorites time and again. Personally I read so many series and have to keep track of so many storylines plus my own, that I routinely reread the last few books of every series I follow when the newest one comes out. That way I'm caught up once more on exactly where things were and can go into the new one with fresh details in my head.

Rereading a book is like watching a favorite movie again. You don't have to worry about how it ends, so you get to savor how it unfolds instead. What great pleasure can there be for a work you truly loved? *smile*



I thoroughly enjoyed King’s ‘Danse Macabre’ when I read it years ago … Leon Uris was my favorite author when I was in college (I devoured everything he wrote) … and my T-13 today is once again based on an idea from Gyles Brandreth’s ‘Joy of Lex’ ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


I've read The Great Train Robbery and The Rainmaker, and I THINK I've read Battle Cry, but I'm not sure--it was a long time ago, but it sounds familiar, and I know I read several of Uris's books.

Interesting selection, as always!


I couldn't listen to your audio because I'm at work. I assume you just outlined 13 more books you love? Again, I haven't read any, although I have read many Stephen King novels and a few John Grishim.

I loves me some Stephen King!


We should start a fan club for your voice, very nice. :-)

I love revisiting favorite books (and movies and songs), it's like curling up with an old friend.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Candy Minx

Oh I love your voice, wonderful detail to add to the experience of getting to know through Thursday Thirteen!

I read books over and over're not a silly boy...just love your stories heh heh!

I just unpacked some books by Walter Mosley that I plan on re-reading ...hopefully i can't remember "who dunnit" this time around...

Have a great day!

Here is my list...I'm rather late today:


Once again, I feel so out of it. I've only heard of a couple of those books. I'm afraid I'm stuck in little kid world at this point in my life. Someday I'll be allowed to be an adult.


I read books numerous times as well. There are just some stories that strike a chord and you want to relive that feeling over and over. Great list! Haven't read any of them, but at least I recognize a few names and titles. ;)

Wylie Kinson

I THOUGHT I'd read every Lawrence Sanders book out there but I've never heard of The Anderson Tapes. Must go see if the library has it...

Wylie Kinson

"...very easily pleased." Indeed! :)


Oh, how I love it when you do an audio intro, Nicholas!

“The Rainmaker” is one of my favorite Grisham books, as well. I've fallen away from reading him lately as I haven't really enjoyed the last few. The good news is that should I decide to pick one up, they're available in paperback already.


I have a couple books that I read every so often. It's like comfort food in a way. You know what it tastes like. It's good, makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. Same reason to reread a book and visit old friends.

Happy TT! The podcast intro was great.

Deanna Dahlsad

I did books this week too, from my collection; but I have not yet read all of them. As usual, I've not read any of yours... I wonder if you've read any of mine?

Linda R. Moore

Thanks for chuckling at my taxing TT. That was indeed the idea. ;)

I have another one (link above) if you're into it.

Can't hear your voiceover so I have no idea what your theme is ;)


40 years of Murder and My Kind of Jazz look really interesting. I'm actually putting together a list of much re-read books for the Summer reading program right now...and they tend to be mysteries. I had no idea. Go forth and re-read with impunity!

(now...if I could only figure out how to add a podcast to one of my posts. Not that folks will enjoy listening to me as much as they do you.)

Happy TT!


Can't hear the podcast (my computer, not your cast), but I've read many of these. Don't know how I missed the Anderson Tapes, but I'll have to read it now.

Alice Audrey

40 Years of Murder looks interesting.

You say "Bless her heart" to Laurie like a Southerner. :)


I've read the Hitler, but I must say that the Forty Years of Murder sounds very interesting. Just the kind of thing I like. I went on a tour of the county coroner's office once. I was sooooo excited! Great TT! Esp liked hearing your voice, and that twinge of sarcasm. ;)

The Happy Housewife

I haven't read any of those books, but wow- you have a great voice! You should make audio books. My kids and I would listen forever!

Matthew James Didier

Holy Gumbo! I honestly thought, after speaking to friends and coworkers, that I was the ONLY person to have owned a copy of "TV Babylon" which I acquired in a used bookstore in a town called Carnarvon, Ontario.

Singapore, eh? Interesting places it's ended up...

I've also read "Hollywood Babylon" one and two multiple times and use it as a somewhat worthy of re-checking resource for old tyme Hollywood gossip...

I admit it... I love train wrecks sometimes...


I enjoy the audio intro too. I usually skip such things but I wanted to hear what this list was about. Now I'm glad I didn't skip it - you have a great radio announcer's voice :)

I can't believe I haven't read a single one of these. We must have very different taste in books. I'll have to look up your last book list. I am the same way: I read books many times over, and neither of my parents could ever understand it. Right now I am working my way through Terry Pratchett's Discworld series... I've read each of these separately, read through the series in order at least once before, read all the witch books and then all the Rincewind books and then all the city guard books, read random books from the series, and now I'm working through them in order again.

My parents were always baffled when I'd rent a movie or check out a library book that I'd already finished; they, too, think that there's no point if you already know what is going to happen. But these aren't MYSTERIES. The point isn't to speed through to find out how it all ends (even with mysteries), it's to enjoy the ride. Each time I reread a book I understand more deeply what it is saying, see more of the craft that went into it, and notice details that I had previously missed.

Besides, after a few years I don't remember how most books ended anyway!


what a very unusual approach to the thirteen meme - i like it!

Thanks for stopping by my place. I never finished my Rubick's cube either lol :)


I wouldn't call you a "silly boy", even though I'm not one to read a book once I've already read it. ;o) (What if I'm missing something else I haven't found yet?!?)

Great list - sounds like you enjoy the same types of books I do, with the exception of the jazz book and the British Parliament one. (Not that I'm against either, just not on my top list.) I read The Rainmaker in 2 days while at work back when I was a receptionist.

I'm going to have to look for the Hitler biography at our local library!

Oh, and if you want a true-life crime story, check out my post from today!

Cindy Swanson

Nicholas, I don't think you're a "silly boy"...there are several books that I've read more than once as fact, many times. "The Chronicles of Narnia"...I probably read them at least once a year. Lots of people watch movies more than once, so why not read a book more than once? Just because you know the ending doesn't take away from the enjoyment of certain scenes, or the writer's style, or inhabiting that particular world for a while. Great TT!

Mary Emken

Nick, you are so cleverly amusing. That voice of yours has a tranqull effect on people.

The only books I've read on your list are,The Great Train Robbery and The Rain Maker.

It's going to be quite around here for the next week so, I might just be able to get some more reading done.

Take care my witty friend


WOW, I never read neither of them..although I do reconized some of he authors name :)

Re-reading is great, I am one...and I never knew you were British! love the accent!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Out of all these books, I must say I was most intrigued (and horrified) the see the biography of Hitler in the list. It's difficult for me to even write his name, as he decimated so many members of my father's family along with the countless other millions. To me he is the devil personified, but your comment about how one thing (like being accepted for architecture studies) could have changed the course of history and saved all those lives is truly mind-boggling. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that we would be living in a completely different world now.

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