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April 23, 2008



5. Blazing Saddles
11. 2001: A Space Odyssey
12. Laura... one of the all-time great mysteries!
25. The Graduate
26. King Kong


#2 and #20 are classic moments. Great lines from Caine and Williams.

Chelle Y.

What!?! No, "There's no crying in baseball!?!" or "Fish are friends, not food?"

I did not recognize any of them. I guess I better update my blockbuster list as soon as I figure out what movies. :)

On a Limb with Claudia

These are really fun. I don't know any of them. I've been wandering around quoting Shaun of the Dead - does that count?? ;)

Happy TT!

Nicole Austin

Fun list! Stand By Me is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Tilly Greene

Oh man, you're killing me! I suck at quotes :-)

Homemaking Mama idea on the majority of them :)

Nap Warden

I am so bad at this! I don't know any...not one:(


I can't do it, and trying would be in vain for nothing, though I did enjoy the read!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I don't know a single one, but ADORE #4. Please tell me where it's from!


Oooh. Tough. I only got 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Truman Show. I think. Some great lines in there though! Happy TT, Nicholas!

(I stole your idea for books read multiple times this week.)

Adelle Laudan

I can't think that hard right now lol Fun list! Happy T13!


Man, you got me....a few of them sounded familiar but my memory sucks these days. I guess thats what happens after 40. Great list my friend and Happy TT:)


I recognize about half your list. Happy TT.


I feel like I should know some, and probably will kick myself when I find them out, but can't identify with any certainty! Some fun ones there!

The Gal Herself

1 -- Butch Cassidy, 4 -- Love, Actually (a guess, actually), 5 -- Blazing Saddles, 17 -- Cabaret, 18 -- The Godfather, 25 -- The Graduate, 26 -- King Kong. Now I must compare my answers to my fellow posters …


This is sooooo humiliating!

#10 - Singing in the Rain
#11 - 2001

The Pink Flamingo

Candy Minx

Oh oh...I wish I could guess...and then next thing I knew I was reading others guesses. This was an awesome list though...some of them I feel I know, some a distant memory.

Good job!

Here is my TT list this week:


Those are some great quotes. I recognized about half of them.

"How about: "Did you flashie thing me??"
"She gave me a pen. I gave her my love and she gave me a pen."
"Abe Froman? The Sausage KING of Chicago?"

Happy TT!


Can't say that I know any of them. Lot's of thought and work went into this. Great tt


2: The Italian Job
3: Die Hard
6: K-Pax
12: A Shot in the Dark (or probably any of the Pink Panther movies)
Great movies! Can't wait to find out what the rest are--you will be posting the answers later, won't you?

Amy N.

I know #15 is The Truman Show. The rest? I got nothin'.

Thanks for visiting.

Leigh @General Ramblings

Seriously, I really need to watch more movies. I will bet my husband could get all of them!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I left feedback to your comment. Had a question...and suggestion.
Thanks for dropping in!


I remember hearing most of them, but drat if I can place specifics on them.


I'm terrible at these... as you know, I rarely watch anything... but some of these lines tempt me. They are very funny, especially, when taken out of context.


i am drawing a blank on ALL of them. i suck.

Sassy Mama Bear

Yeah my brain recognized some, but could not give me a is on strike this week.
Great TT, mine is up.


Know what I'd like to see? Someone make a movie with ALL of these lines in it. That would be an instant classic.


Interesting idea to ‘level’ things out for you. Let’s see … I’m thrilled that I know #11 …(and I’d recognize ‘Talk to the butt’ if it had made the list)… but alas … even though I’ve read all 26 twice, I don’t recognize any of the others.
Hugs and blessings,


Very nice.. but I can't recognize any off the bat. Some did sound familar, by my single brain cell seems to be allocated at the moment, so I can't think too hard about it :-)

Dane Bramage

Malcolm named all the ones I (thought) I knew. Great double list though. Thanks for visiting my T13 on Earth Day. (BTW all the facts in blue were true.)


Those were fabulous...and I can't quite get them all!

Thanks for stopping by my 13. As far as the attraction to Lost...I am not sure. Its fabulous writing to be sure, as well as the way it just leaves itself open to theories, etc. I am a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and Lost has a little bit of everything!


I knew a few but I'm not awake yet so I'll prolly have to come back and look at them after coffee. Great idea for a TT, Nicholas!


I got the Truman show, but I cant remember where the rock star quote comes from, but I remember loving it at the time, and loving it again now that you reminded me!



I did not do very well at all! Happy double TT and thanks so much for stopping by! :)


Is #14 Thoroughly Modern Millie?

A bunch of fun lines there, by the way.


You come up with 26 when I am struggling lately for 13. I even considered taking this week off. This is confirmed by my rather uninspired list.

Wylie Kinson

I'm sad at quotes. Lots I recognize, just can't quite put my finger on...
#5 is definitely Blazing Saddles, and I recognized the ones from the Truman Show and 2001. #19 is soooo familiar, it's killing me, and I've absolutely got to know about #9!!

I was hoping you'd go for something obvious like "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

CrAzY Working Mom

I am soooooooooooo bad at things like this. But, what a wonderful idea. :)

I just wanted to apologize to you personally if my TT offended you in any way shape or form. It was only meant to be a light hearted list. To upset or offend was NOT my intention at all and if I did so, please accept my sincerest apologies. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Happy TT!

Ashley Ladd

I only know #10 for sure. Ditzy Lena in Singing in the Rain said that. I love that movie. Can you tell?

I'll take a wild guess that #11 is from 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Otherwise, I have no idea. And I thought I watched a lot of movies.

Good Thursday 13, I mean 26. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.


11. 2001: A Space Odyssey

This proves I need to get out more.


Teena in Toronto

I love movies ... but I don't recognize any of them. But it is early in the morning and my brain isn't awake yet. Ya!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Cindy Swanson

There's no way I would begin to guess all of those! My grown kids know entire dialogues from movies, though.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my TT!


Phew, that is hard. I suck at identifying quotes anyway (if they aren't from anything Joss Whedon-related that is), but these are really not ringing any bells at al. For the most part I probably couldn't even remember them if I had seen the movie.
#6 should be from "K-Pax", but that is all I can identify, really.
#21 sounds good, though. Sound like a movie I would like to watch sometime. ;)

Leslie Dicken

None. Nada. My movie watching is far too limited, I'm afraid! LOL!



Great quotes, and I'm sure that I've heard several of them, but I'm terrible at remember exactly which film they're from.

Gwen M.

Great list, Nicholas. I'm running at about 50% and some of those are guesses. I have probably seen the movies, but I'm not that great at remembering lines. Happy TT. Late. =)


4 - that's from Love Actually!
25 - has to be Mrs. Robinson

Joy Renee

i would have got a zero score if i'd seen this before you posted the answers. a few of the lines seem familiar but i couldn't match them with the movie title. glancing at the list of movies now, i can see why. I've not seen more than a handful and none of those recently.

Jordan Sneakers

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

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