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April 30, 2008


Chelle Y.

I agree that Pacific Highway is beautiful. Next time you are in SF, drive down the "Seventeen Mile Drive." That is beautiful too!

You missed this week's theme also. So did I.


Who follows directions anymore these days? Certainly not I! You've been to some great places. I'm glad you told us how to pronounce Mousehole. It wouldn't do well to visit any place pronounced Mouse Hole.


Some truly beautiful places there.

Comedy Plus

Well traveled too. Hawaii 5-O. I loved that show. I've only been to two of these. Hawaii and Los Angles' Pacific Highway. Very nicely done. Have a great TT. :)


I love Cornwall! I was at Land's End at low tide - remarkable!

Your #1 - how near to Peterburg (something like that) was it? The Reidheads hailed from there - 300 years ago.

The Pink Flamingo

Nicole Austin

The only one I've seen is the Pacific Coast Highway. Its a beautiful drive!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Oh my gosh, I would love to visit ALL of those places!

The Gal Herself

Grindelwald especially looks terrific! And I love the idea of having Mousehole as my return address. (Thanks for visiting my TT)


Portmahommack sounds the pronunciation of Mousehole LOL!

The only things I've done on your list was visit Waikiki and I drove the Pacific Coast Highway...both beautiful!


Those are dreamy! Oh,to be there...

On a Limb with Claudia

I am very partial to the north of Ireland. The water and the country speak to me - and remind me of the north of California. So beautiful. Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing - it's like a mini-vacation! ;)


Impressive list! I used to have a serious crush on Jack Lord when I was about 10. I actually downloaded the theme song from Hawaii Five-0 to my phone, and it heralds my son's calls! (He was born in the Marshall Islands, and that was when I went to Hawaii, when we lived there and had to go through Honolulu to get to and from home.)
Happy TT!


Impressive list. And Great pictues.


I've been to Waikiki back in 1994 and I've driven PCH many many many times but that's cheating since I live in California. :)

Happy TT.


Oh My, what interesting places. I'd like to travel with you!


Im jealous...they look beautiful!! Happy TT my friend and thanks for sharing and stopping by:)

The Happy Housewife

I'm jealous! I would love to visit just one of those places!


The only one I've been to is Grindlewald-- lovely! I enjoy traveling so much and your pictures make me want to quit my job and just travel!

Adelle Laudan

Wow! I'm impressed. I don't think I could even think up thirteen places, and none would be as exotic. Happy T13!


I hope to get to some of those places myself someday, specifically Scotland and Hawaii! You've been far more adventurous than I would have been, it scares me to death thinking of going to Taipai or India, just because of the total culture shock I'd probably experience!

Thank you for sharing, and for stopping by!

Dane Bramage

You get around Nicholas. I am impressed that there is a place called Happy Valley.

This week is my Thursday Thirteen #78. It is unthemed but I think it is still good. 13 things I might get with my incentive check Stop by if you get a chance.

Tilly Greene

Oh Goodie! Another one who misses the directions :-) And, you and I have been to some of the same places.

Mousehole, love it - not the stary gazy pie though. We had a wonderful lock-in with a Canadian bartender at the hotel there.

I'm afraid we drove right through Waikiki to the north shore and never went back. It was so quite and nice up in Laie.

Now, Mumbai, was an eye-opening experience. Arriving at the airport after almost twenty hours of flying/layovers at 3am, not sure if my cutie was even able to leave China and having some guy reach through the crowd and take my cart from me while saying over and over again "Doctor's Misses, all okay." And it was sooo warm!

PCH - home :-)

Thank you Nicholas...I've been home for a week and now I'm chomping at the bit for another trip!

Sandy M

WOW! You've been so many places. I've only seen a few states. Great list!


Thanks for stopping by...Grindlewald looks wonderful....Australia is worth visiting :)


We were in Gozo about 3 years ago. There still isn't much there. It was lovely though. Reminds me a bit of parts of Israel.


I would so love to visit Bombay one day. Great TT list, and have a good rest of the week :)


Ooops that should read Mumbai...but for some reason when I think of this city I want to call it Bombay :)


That PCH drive is wonderful. It's much better going from LA south because you're driving away from the sprawl. However, it seems that all of the California coast is growing together into one large sprawl. Too bad.


uw very nice. im very jelous lol. nice pics


Look at you, world traveler! I must admit I have not been at any of them. Although I travel a lot, too. Happy TT, Nicholas!


I have to agree that PCH is much prettier than LA could ever be! You really picked the only way to get from the Bay area to LA! I love that drive.

Happy TT!


I've been to the cliffs of Dover and Margate. Still have the shells.


I've been to the cliffs of Dover and Margate. Still have the shells.


Interesting. I never realized there was a place named "Ventimiglia". I have a family member with that name. Wonder if their ancestors are from there?


Very impressive list. Happy TT. I didn't do this one last week, either. But it was because I haven't visited enough places to make a list of 13.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And by the way... the 'mushy' on my list... I was referring to the informal definition. Meaning I am overly emotional and/or sentimental.

Have a great day. =)


If not for the possibility of sewer-diving, I'd go to Mousehole for the name alone. Great list -- like taking a tour of the world in 13 steps!


Those all look like amazing places to visit. I've driven halfway up PCH. It's gorgeous drive. On your list I would love to visit both Hawaii, and Ventimiglia, where I could visit both France and Italy on the same day! :)


Wow, I may never get to visit any of these places! Wonderful list!


I've been on the PCH, but that's the only one we share. If you've never been to Edinburgh, it's certainly worth a trip.

Joy Renee

not only are the photos all lovely, your memories of your visits there all sound lovely too.

thanx for visiting my Earth Day TT last week. sorry i didn't get back to you. this week my TT is re the Shakespeare items i've got out of the library


Enjoyed your list, mine is up at 13 Secret Muslim Tee-Shirt Slogans


I love virtually traveling every Thursday! Thanks for this varied trip, Nicolas. I remember the drive from San Francisco to L.A., the PCH is lovely. Granted I wasn't the one driving so perhaps I could truly appreciate it. *grin*

Glad I got to swing by this week. I've missed you and my other TTers. :)

Happy Thursday Nicolas



Beautiful - all of them. Makes me really miss the times I had more freedom to travel. Some day...

Alice Audrey

You've been to lots of great places. That doesn't surprise me in someone who has meet so many famous people.


WOW!!! You've been all over the world. I love traveling - wish I could do more. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Happy TT!


To me it will always be Bombay and Calcutta. I can't rap my head around the new names. You have been some amazing places. I am jealous!

Bella Mocha

Loved the picture of Bombay- it brings back wonderful memories! I have always wanted to go to Cornwall- haven't made it yet but I will do one day. I hear the beaches are beautiful there- and the cliff-top theatre too.

Very inspiring T13- you've got me thinking!
Perhaps your next one will be from England/ about England?! Will look forward to it!
Mine is up too:


What with all the annexing and re-annexing of Labrador over the years By Quebec and Nfld. I don't wonder that they'd like to be an independent province. It's the one province I haven't yet explored but will one day rectify that. Very enjoyable list.


Hello Nicholas,
I wanted to stop by to say hello. I do miss stopping by. Life is been so busy on my side of the pond.

You have been to a lot of beautiful places and so rich with stories to tell. It is so interesting to read the experiences of the traveler.

Take care.



You are well-traveled. I wish I could just go.

Thanks for sharing and making me jealous. LOL


I wish I was as well traveled as you, Nicholas! I've a lot of places in the US, but only out of this country twice, and never very far. However, I did grow up and spend nearly 30 years in Monterey County, literally a few miles from Highway 1 aka the Pacific Coast Highway, which I've traveled many times from one of the state to the other. It is a very beautiful drive. And to echo Chelle's comment re Seventeen Mile Drive, it is a must see. However, it's a private road through Pebble Beach. I forget if they charge, but I think they might. There are also parts of it that only residents are allowed onto. Those are some of the best parts too! Luckily, I had a friend who lived there so I have seen it all, and it is WELL worth seeing!

Awesome, TT, Nicholas! You do these, soooo well!


Wow- you've been to some amazing places!

Wylie Kinson

You sure get around, N!!
I haven't been to Asia or Eastern Europe. One of these days...
With young kids, our current travel options usually have either family visits or theme parks as the central agenda.
When I get a grown-up vacation, I'd like to check out Russia/Scandinavia or Greece/Turkey -- which ever place is the most stable 10 or 15 years in the future ;)


You are very well traveled. I loved the story about your sister falling into a sewer. I am glad to hear that she was fished out. The photos you included were cool as well.

Gwen M.

Oh, man - those are ALL awesome! The only one we have in common is San Francisco, and that is my favorite US city to date. I hope some day I get to check out some of these others. Don't know if I'll ever make it as far as Mumbai or Tapei, but the European destinations are definitely on my list. You should share more pictures!!! ~G

Linda R. Moore

Some wonderful places there. :) I rode my motorcycle to Mousehole once upon a time. And I've been to Grindelwald.

Off-topic comment deleted by blog owner. Also because it was utter drivel.

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