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May 25, 2008


On a Limb with Claudia

I've had z-same problem with z-same carrier. Zcarriers forget that in order to stay in z-business, they still need z-customer.

I'm delighted you are having a wonderful time. Lift a pint and a cuppa for me!


What a horrid story! Unfortunately, it's one I've heard repeatedly by many people. I'm so glad you're have a nice time in England though.


I'd have been incensed. INCENSED.

Hey - you were in Chicago! I'm like 45 minutes away from the airport!

Mary Emken

My dear man, you have the patience of a saint! If it had been me I probably would have lost my cool and ended up in lock up.

Glad you made it to England safe and sound and hope every one is well across the bond. Give my love to your mom and dad.

Let us all know when your back home. Take care and have lots of fun.(FOR ME TOO)

D. Cupples

Hi guys!

Zamerican Airline? Too funny.

I have a soap-related request. If you haven't already bought the limit, would you include more of Sainsbury's brand with whatever $ is left?

If I'm too late, that's ok.

Have you guys been to London yet?



I HATE the enforced CNN. I think that they should have screens with the news on and options for passengers to OPT IN with headphones instead of forcing me to opt out with my headphones and my iPod where I have the most wonderful download ever, "Ambient White Noise for Sleep." I get so crazy about that stuff that I go up to receptionists at doctor's offices and ask for the remote to turn the volume off. I feel that if you know you are going to endure a wait at the hospital, the doctor's office or whatever, you should be responsible for your own entertainment, not for tuning out the idiot entertainment provided.

Well, I wish I could say that your experience didn't sound lovely compared to the evening I endured last night. I'll forward you the e-mail I sent to my friend Amy as I tried to process the horrific experience. Maybe it will make you feel just a little better to know that I would have rather been negotiating with Zamerican (who lost my luggage and my kids' for two days when we were in Hawaii for 6 days!)

Wylie Kinson

Hey, just for fun, try the same thing with 2 small children.
And people ask me why I don't like to travel anymore.... !!!

Glad you arrived safely, albeit late. Hope you continue to have a lovely time and fingers crossed for an uneventful-ontime journey home.

Miss your TT's!!


Poor you, sounds like you had a nightmare getting here. I was expecting you to say that you also had problems at Heathrow T5, but at least you weren't held up there. Hope you're staying in a nice hotel and not one of Britain's Filthiest Hotels:


What an absolute nightmare. I'd have been a raving lunatic by the time I arrived. I can't believe you didn't even mention it in passing when we chatted!

I hope the return goes MUCH more smoothly.


you really are patient...
I know getting mad and yelling only makes the situation worse, but sometimes that's all I feel like doing. some carriers treat passengers like intrudors and I just have no patience to deal with that.

my flights to and within Europe (total of 15 in past 7 weeks), although not without problems, were not nearly as frustrating as your trip. and that's why I admire your patience...


sounds a bit stressful Nicholas. I was just passing by to see if you was back!

Hope you having a great time over here.

Let me know when your back & take care x


Arent you home yet?? I miss your TT's:)


This post exhausted me, and I suspect put both you and your lovely wife in line for sainthood. I would have lost my mind.

I had a longish layover in Seattle awhile ago. It's a nice airport, but I sure could do without the CNN.

Glad you're on vacation. Too lovely.


im back again to see if you are back lol.
And just saying Hi x


What a nightmare! I have been amazingly blessed with my flights of late, in that we have always arrived in a timely fashion with luggage. I know that your experience is not uncommon, though. And they wonder why air travel is down?

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