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June 25, 2008



Haha! This list made me laugh. I am a stay at home mom, so I don't have to deal with any of that...but I can definitely understand your frustrations with it!

Happy TT!

Chelle Y.

Those actually made me laugh. Banana? :)


I don't have a problem with any of these, in fact I use "at the end of the day" on occasion. I never heard of # 1 or 12, but I am not bothered by them. It's funny how something can annoyed the hell out of one person and roll off the back of another. Happy TT.


How about "action item" ooohhh I hated hearing about "action items" ... I swear if anyone ever mentions them to me again in an office memo, email whatever...I will not be responsible for what happens next!!!

You reminded me why I am so happy to be at home for the moment :)

Happy TT and thank you for stopping by!

Moondancer Drake

Heh, and this is why I no longer work in an office. I'd been about to throttle someone.


I read something this past week and of course I can't remember where about England? simplfying language for people with out using business phrases. Went to find it, but can't.

I agree with most, but my biggest pet peeve is the two hands in the air with the quotation marks made with the two fingers of each hand.
Good post.


I hate "at the end of the day!" Another one I would add is "I don't disagree... " Then why can't you just say you agree?

On a Limb with Claudia

I do a whole bunch of "backward planning" exercises every single day. In fact, I ran stairs this morning. Can you think of a better backward planning exercise!? ;)

Happy TT. I'm glad you're back!


This is so brilliant. This reminds me of an English Professor I had who was always up in arms about this stuff.... what does "Positve" and "negative" have to do with how I'm feeling?! That makes no sense.


oh yes, I've heard many of those, and I hate to say it but American didn't manage to miss out on At the end of the day lol!

how about Self-Starter... I think that one means -- must be able to do the job with little to know training, because we don't know how to do it either! ;)

Kelly Cat's favorite human

Good list! One addition: Nobody says "How will this affect us?" No, they say "How will this impact us?" Not only is impact not the right word, it's not even the right word's second cousin. Grrr...


The box and the blue sky must have something to do with each other.

Susan Helene Gottfried

And that would be 13 reasons why I'm forever grateful I escaped working in a corporate office!


LMAO....some very good points you have there. Nope, I dont think inside a box either. Im claustrophobic;)I do say "Good to go" though...I will refrain from saying it here:)Hit the ground running...Im using that in an upcoming blog about my son. Thats what he does when he gets here. Happy TT my friend. Loved this blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Lori really need to try a Margarita some time...make it a Cadillac. They are yummy but dont have too many, it doesnt take much;)


Numbers 11 and 12 mean the same thing. Management speak is one huge thing I don't miss about telecommuting. :)

Brenda ND

I like forward planning. I suppose there could be backward planning like hindsight. Hmm. very corporate or not. Depending on your view.

Wylie Kinson

LOL -- I just remembered why I cringed a lot when working in an office!
Here's another one picked my arse: drill down. As in
"...we need to do some forward planning, drill down to our core needs."



My personal (un)favorite is: "Bottom line is"

As a school administrator, I hear it all the time and vow never to use it.


Great list. I like how every issue becomes an "opportunity."
Thanks for sharing. :)

Nicole Austin

Those don't bother me too much. What gets me is the managers who can talk in circles endlessly without really saying anything at all.


I don't like "Going Forward" or, used extensively in publishing, "drop dead date."

Great list.


In our office the big term that I can't stand is "Huddle" We have "Huddles" instead of meetings. And we have them constantly...and nothing ever gets accomplished.



*groan* I always thought "good to go" was military-ese--at least that's where I first heard it, and I heard it a LOT.


As someone who works in an office where management seems to think this kind of stuff means something, I wholeheartedly agree. If you want me to do something, just say so!

Happy TT!


Great list!!!!!

Mines up as well!
Hubbys having a give away at his blog at

Hope you will visit us both!


Argh I hate corporate speak! Happy TT

The Gal Herself

I was alternately cringing and shivering as I read your list. Now you've got me thinking of all the others that make me crazy! Like "go for the low hanging fruit," and "that's parking lot issue."


I'm in marketing communications, so sadly I'm often surrounded by this drivel. My personal peeve is talking points. I freaking hate talking points. Just TALK dammit.

marcia @ joyismygoalm

I have to add 'work smarter not harder'

Shannon H.

Ohhhhh great list! There are a few that grate my nerves also.


How about "Take this offline"?

Love your "Yes, and I can banana the banana too." Classic!

Happy TT!


You's like...well, basically...

I get exceedingly irritated with people who cannot speak plainly or who refuse to stop proving to the world how ignorant they are.

Great list!


oooh..."Value added" is the one that bugs me! Happy TT, this was a fun list to read at the office ;)


I hear a couple of these on a regular basis at the office where I work. As for your hope that "At the end of the day" doesn't make it to the U.S., too late.


I love it when someone tells a manager to "man up". HEH The new millenium version of "bite the bullet". I have a friend who makes up her own stuff. When Twitter was calling the 140 character posts - Tweets - she started callind them TWATS. Now, everyone I know on Twitter calls them twats. I wish I was that creative.

Mary Emken

I've heard of six of those phrase. There's a few more that aren't on your list that I've heard of ,but off the top of my head I can't think of them right now.:)

Matthew James Didier

Now, now... you have to find a synergy within your pod and really upscale the quality of your efforts! I'm certain that companies you're with won't be right-sizing because of what really is mainstream management lingo!

{{shudder}} I do that a touch too well.


LOL....nice fun...BTW me even use few of the lingos there touch base and things...the blue-sky thinking I see folks using them but never caring to know what it refers to...It all refers to Edward Bono's six hat thinking strategy.

Happy TT!

Mama Pajama

Great TT! I couldn't agree more. At the end of the day, you just have to....just kidding.
I hate all of those as well. Basically, I would say...(sorry I just can't help myself)LOL

Linda R. Moore

Ooh, bananas!

I hate most corporate speak. The one that I absolutely despise is webinar. Whoever thought that one up should be bitch-slapped.

Thanks for visiting my TT last week. I did another one at Raven's RV, too, about the forest fires. :)


"At the end of the day" first came to my attention (being a teacher, and not normally hearing grown up idiots speak) when I saw Big Brother a few years ago. It's all one of the winning guys could say, apparently.


I remember that phrase about running something up the flagpole and seeing if it sticks...

I personally hate when my boss says "can we..." when she actually means, "you need to do..." There's no nice way to order someone about.

Gina's Public Diary

I know...eeekkk! Yes, 'at the end of the day' is popular in the US too, unfortunately.

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