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July 09, 2008


SJ Reidhead

I agree with you 100%. I would add facial piercings and visible body art.

Maybe baseball caps worn indoors should be completely banned, except for baseball games.

The Pink Flamingo

Karen of Sillymonkeez

LOL!! Great list this week!

Mine's sort of dorky . . .


Okay....may I be allowed to add a bit to your #1? Not only chew gum with the mouth CLOSED...but toss it in a trash bin....DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT spit it out on the sidewalk/parking lot ---I hate stepping on it and then tracking it in my car!!!

My 13 is published, hope you can stop by sometime.


If you deal with the gum thing, I'll learn to live without pickles. You have my vote, sir.

Mama Duck

agh, the DVD's. Especially when the little guy wants to watch a movie and I don't need him watching inappropriate trailers. Grrrr.... ;)

Nicole Austin

LOL! Great list! I think we should ban all cell phones. They are such a nuissance.


Very funny, probably because I agree with you...well, on most things. Sadly enough I happen to love milk--especially the low fat kind. ha ha.

Susan Helene Gottfried

I've decided that NOT using my cell phone is part of what makes me so utterly cool. That and the fact that I, too, loathe milk. Ugh.

But for those snack-size candy bars? I know this is hard to understand, but they are really good for taming the PMS beast. Just one, that's all I need.


Same as you, I don't like the taste of milk, but I do force myself to drink some with breakfast(to try to mask the aftertaste!)


Not the pickles again! I agree with the chewing gum and most of the other things though.


I'm with you on the loud cell phone conversations in public. I absolutely detest them, and I'm not above shooting the perp a very dirty look---unless I think I might get shot!

Ann Bruce

Oh, #2 would be a godsend!

On a Limb with Claudia

Let's ban them together. I don't mind pickles, but if you say ban them - I'm in!

Happy TT!

Mary Emken

I don't know why it's so hard for people to pull over to the side of the road when they need to talk on their cell phones. I have been back ended four times while I sat at a red light and stop sign.

Did you know that pickles are made from cucumbers. I like them both.

I like a cold glass of milk onces in a while, but I have neveer been told I carried a bad smell ,but then I brush after I eat or drink.;)

I don't know who invented those pull ring on cans, but I agree they need to go.

Well, again you've made my day with your hummor.


OK...I think men with baseball caps on backwards are very sexy. Dont ask me why but its a turn on so Id have to fight you on that one...and Milk. Im not a big Milk drinker but you cant eat cereal without it. Other than that, I could live in your world. Soap on a rope is stupid. HELLO!!!!Happy TT Nicholas:)


Music on blogs, too, please! Gives me away at work :-) Can't turn the sound down cause then I'll not hear when I get an email ;-)

Give me all the pickles! YUM!



Our lists are not quite alike, but I do feel your pain on a few of these.

I do love me some good cold MILK, though. MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmILK!

Adelle Laudan

I am with you on chewing gum with your mouth open, Drives me insane. I'm living on the ground floor of a twos storey unit apt building for the first time in my life, my newest addition to the list... people who throw live cigarette butts off of their balocony's. I've had to dodge a couple since I moved here less than two weeks ago,ugh! Fun list. Happy T13!


your list definitely made my day! :D


Just to be clear, we're only banning that vile plain glass of ordinary milk, right? Not the milk that gives life to ice (or for that matter hot) coffee. Right???

I'll take the pickles off your hands though. Yum!


Great List!

I agree we must ban those trailers!

Why even wear a baseball hat!

Have a good T13.

Wylie Kinson

My God, man -- NO milk?? What on earth would you put in your tea?

And those fun-sized bars? They work perfectly for the audience intended - KIDS. Less fat/sugar in children is a good thing.

And you can't ban pickles or every pregnant woman in your imaginary kingdom will stage a coup an oust your arse off the throne.

Always enjoyable, N :)

Michelle C.

Love Love Love your 13. :) Very well written and funny on a day I needed humor! Thanks for sharing!

The Gal Herself

LOVE your take on awards show cross talk! It amazes (and annoys) me how bad professional actors can be at reciting lines. You're the only person I've ever seen go after milk and pickles, but then, I find the consistency of tomatoes offensive, so I'm not judging you. Thanks for stopping by my TT.


LOL great list. I agree on the gum and the dvd trailer's..why do they do that/???? I usually end up getting up and doing dishes until its over :-P
Milk hates me and i drink my coffee ban away !


While you're at it, would you do something to ban poor spelling and grammar? Thanks.

I'm doing a giveaway -- please take a look.


Well done and great idea for a TT. But I like milk. And pickles. Well, the sweet ones. And not with milk. Ew.



Ooh, I'm obsessive about a good rant.

I was privy to a loud mobile conversation in my mammography waiting room yesterday. The sign on the wall clearly asked patients not to use cellulars. I was happy to remind the Chatty Cathy about it, and the other patients clapped for me.

Pickles, huh? I cannot support you there, but I am a Southern girl to the core. We fry pickles where I come from.


I agree with you on alot of those especially the DVD trailers


I was with you all the way up to pickles, I love pickles and actually make my own varieties. Happy TT


I'm so totally in agreement with you on the muzak and TV in waiting rooms. Argh! I actually heard some Jethro Tull muzak not that long ago, and I wondered if it was one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Personally...I'd ban the wearing of pyjama bottoms in public. Not sure why this bugs me so much, but it does.


Badly made ring pull lids on cans.

Ban them ASAP. It is very annoying when you are trying to cook something and you need the ingredients inside the can ASAP and the ring pull comes off.

I am with you on MILK too, I hate the stuff.

The Mocha Mom

Great list!! I couldn't stand a ban on milk because I love it with some Hershey's syrup before bed (bad I know.....), I also like it with toast and peanut butter too.

I am up with my TT.


haha, your lists are always good.. you know, i never drank milk, as a matter of fact was born allergic to it, but after going on weight watchers, i discovered skim milk, and it's NOT BAD, when it's really cold. I can't drink regular milk because it's like there's little particles of fat in it or something, milk shouldn't be pulpy hehe

Cindy Swanson

Oh Nicholas, I TOTALLY agree with you on most of these...the cell phone conversations! The fat free, the fun size, the banal Awards show banter! But please, please, please don't ban pickles...I adore them!

Stop by and visit my TT when you get a moment...


I love pickles. I think they should stay, but fluffy blog posts that are like horridly sweet and overdone pink icing should be banned. You know what I'm talkin' about! ;)


I always put my DVD in the player before I gather my snacks, change into my comfy clothes, or just putter around in the "getting ready to watch a movie" phase so that it's already on the main menu when I'm ready. Sometimes I think of too many things to do first, so I no longer turn the TV on...that would lead to hearing the main menu music one too many times!

Will you be ruling the world soon? I sometimes inadvertantly chew my gum conscpicuously in public. Bad habit. Trying to break it. Don't want to get banned. And I guess I need to go eat a whole bunch more pickles too. Love 'em.

Found you on the TT hub! I'll be back to read your previous posts...sounds like a fun blog...not to be confused with the "fun size." And hey, for those of us who don't eat the regular size, but every now and then succumb to the temptation, well, it sure can be fun to take just one bite and be done with it! (And it's fun for little little kids who go trick or treating I bet...oh well) =))


With the exception of the milk and pickles and the fact that I don't feel passionately about backward hats one way or another, I'm in complete agreement! Chewing gum...and POPPING!!! OMG...I could just kill people, a la the song from Chicago. And I think that music, TV, etc. in public places should be something one can OPT IN to experience rather than something that requires one to OPT OUT. They've done away with second-hand smoke in public places, why can't they do away with second-hand sound?


With the exception of the milk and pickles and the fact that I don't feel passionately about backward hats one way or another, I'm in complete agreement! Chewing gum...and POPPING!!! OMG...I could just kill people, a la the song from Chicago. And I think that music, TV, etc. in public places should be something one can OPT IN to experience rather than something that requires one to OPT OUT. They've done away with second-hand smoke in public places, why can't they do away with second-hand sound?


Excellent list and I fully agree with you about most of them … but I wouldn’t like to ban either milk or pickles.
Hugs and blessings,


I'd vote for you!


no new TT, no wordless wednesday, tsk tsk, and no posts in between, where ya at bro? :)


I'm glad you relented on the milk...I love the stuff. Probably explains my nasty odor.

Thanks for a new word...went and looked up condign. Perfect.

Regarding noise everywhere you go, AMEN. I'm sick of the TVs everywhere. More and more restaurants have a flat screen on a wall somewhere, and yeah, that's what we need at a nice place...the game. Thanks, idiots. Also, at the airports, they have CNN on all over the place, blaring their stupidity out at you, and if you have a long layover, you get to hear the same stupidity over and over again. UGH.


im back! hee hee love the chewing gum one. i personally cant stand people that eat with their mouth open either, or worse talk with it open! it drives me mad!

Bella Mocha

I have never laughed so hard over my breakfast- thanks for making my day start on such a good note! I am in agreement with you over the Chewing gum- I don't know which i hate more, the site of it is someone's mouth as they tell me their life story, or the irritating noise in my ear at the cinema from the woman chewing too loudly beside me. I could go to a field and stare at a cow as it chews grass - the similarities would be unmissable.
Thanks for making me smile!!
Bella :)

Mary Emken

Your blogs are so informative and witty. Hope you haven't stoped writting them.

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