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July 23, 2008



What a great idea for a TT! I might steal it for one of my future lists! Your firsts were a very interesting read!
Thanks for visiting my Luxembourg list.

The Gal Herself

I am trying to imagine a fumbling Nicholas at the tender age of 14. While I appreciate and admire your respect for the lady's privacy, please set the scene a little better for us: was she also 14? Or did you (gasp!) share your first kiss with an older, more experienced woman of, say, 16?


Fun, and creative list idea :) I stopped smoking last year, and certainly wished I had stopped sooner! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!

Hootin Anni

The first time I flew in a plane was with my brother [his single engine plane] and I got a chance to take the controls. Fun, fun, fun.

Love your 'firsts' list!!

Mine's posted. Come by if you can find time.

On a Limb with Claudia

Gosh, that's a great idea for a TT - amazing how similar we all are. I think everyone has a first of those... except maybe the wife locked in the bathroom. Does she do that often?


The bathroom rescue was a fun read! More than one arrest! I'm intrigued.

Chelle Y.

That is such a great post! I may have to still this one from you sometime. :)


We always remember the firsts. And every one changes us a little


lol I don't think I've ever locked myself in the loo...out of the house a few times, and once out of the car, tho!


Wow...I'm 46 and I haven't had MY first arrest yet! I should get on that. Probably could have done it if I had tried the men's room when the ladies' room line was too long at the concert last Saturday.

SJ Reidhead

What a wonderful list.

I dropped out of kindergarten after my 1st day in school!

The Pink Flamingo


What about the first time you had sex? Was it everything you thought it would be?? It usually is for the boys but not always for the girls. Great list my friend. Happy TT:)


Man, I don't remember any of that stuff. Especially not the first arrest thing - or maybe I'm still waiting for that one.

Really good T13 topic!


I enjoyed this thoroughly, Nicholas. You've led a very interesting life! And oh, that poor wife of yours, being locked in the lavatory/loo/bathroom. Happy TT.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Adelle Laudan

I could never remember 13 firsts. Clever topic. Happy T13!

Wylie Kinson

Enjoyed your Firsts, and giving you fair warning... I'm totally stealing this idea!

Hey - how come you left out the interesting firsts? First sexual experience, first spliff, first woman who broke your heart??? Come on, mate. Fess up the good stuff :D

My TT is at Six Degrees of Sexy this week, and you're mentioned (duhn, duhn, DUHN.)


Do we ever forget our firsts ~ good or bad?

Excellent idea for a TT!

Joyce T.

You are a gentleman indeed, to rescue your wife from locked bathrooms!

I enjoyed your 13 "firsts"!


This is a good idea for a T13. I had no idea that you were/are a cop. Smoking is a habit that I'm glad I never picked up; I've taken the occas. puff on other's cigarettes, but that's it.


scrubbed your hands like lady macbeth hahahaha would you say it's people on God's side that get guilt spots? or on 'the other side'?

I can't believe the hospital thing, i can't move to a small town coz i need one down the freakin' streat from me :(


please ignore my spelling of the word street... don't you find that too much time on the computer makes all words look 'funny' after a while?


I remember all most of these first.Acquiring that drivers license was the best. Now I hate driving :)


The *first* time you ever rescued her from a locked toilet? As in, there were more?

I too disliked my first cigarette and ended up becoming a heavy smoker years later. Stupid. Utterly stupid. Arrogance of youth combined with stupidity = not a good thing. It's been 9 years since I quit, I've got a beloved aunt dying of cancer, and I still find myself wanting one. Stupid stupid stupid.


That is one awesome list -- and I'm filing the topic away for a future TT of my own.


what a cute idea for a tt!

Please visit my tt. it's 77 reasons to donate to my blogathon on Sat, July 26!!

AtomiK Kitten

First published articles are always (to me) better than a first kiss.

Candy Minx

All very charming. the locked loos was hilarious! I find your arrest stories so interesting!

Great list and great to be at your blog. Lots to ponder over.

Here is my TT list:


Great list idea, may show up around my place as well. Happy TT


Excellent idea for a TT. Well borrowed! I don't think I went abroad by myself until I was in my twenties.


Wow only one trip to the ER I wish I could say that thanks for the great list made me think about all my firsts Happy TT


LOL the first cigarette story sounded so familiar! They were my Aunt Georgia's Merits. Yuck!


Wonderful firsts!

Happy TT!


I never rescued someone from a restroom or got arrested, but the rest applies. I'm still upset that my mother just left me at kindergarten and didn't tell me she was.


Heh. I can believe that about the driving test in FL. They have to make it easy or they won't be able to get any Driver's license and car registration fees out of the majority of FL residents... the retired folk!

Nicole Austin

That is a great idea for a list. Might have to steal it myself. Great list of firsts!


Found your blog on TT, and have really enjoyed your posts! Your list of things you would ban made me laugh out loud and I agree with most of them.

Bella Mocha

What a great topic- I loved this!! I love the 'first time you rescued your wife' one...very funny :), although maybe not for her! And very interesting to read about your arrests...being a crime fiction addict, I have a morbid curiosity about what really goes on! Wonderful reading....your memory is very good, I have to say. I wonder if I could remember as much as this of my 'firsts' must be quite a bit younger, of course :)!!

My T13 is up too....:)
Bella :)

Joy Renee

wow that Florida driving test does sound like a farce. It sounds like i could even pass it--without the help of my white cane!

thanx for visiting


a girlfriend at 14. well i never lol!
mind you i was 15 so i cant really talk!

man you have some memory. i prob wouldnt remember hardly any of those things!


FAbulous firsts! And what a good sharer you are. 61 = very impressive. You certainly know how to tell a yarn.
Best wishes

Deanna Dahlsad

A meaty TT, that's for sure. I think anyone who wants to be a writer feels that way with their first publish -- due to limited opportunities, it often feels the same each time. Like loosing virginity over & over again ;)


This is just a great idea for TT!! I might just have to 'borrow' it :)

Really enjoyed these "Firsts"

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