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August 23, 2008



Fantasia? Ooooh! My antenna ball is a Mickey head with the Sorcerer's Apprentice hat. I made my kid get it for me year ago when she went to Disneyland. If anything happens to it... I will be asking her immediately when she will be going there next. LOL It's a great movie. Classic Disney animation, great music. A no brainer.


I'm way too lazy to play along properly, but I had a glance at that list. Very strange list. Is that supposed to be one film for every one of the 100 years? That can't be right, now can it? Did they already make movies 100 years ago?
Anyway, it's still a very strange list. I don't know many of the old films on it at all. Of some I have read the book, of others I have seen remakes, but never the original. But then again I am no fan of old movies anyway, so that's probably for the better.
My favorite from this list would definitely be Fargo, with Pulp Fiction a close second. Incidentally I also liked Forrest Gump, it was a bit over-hyped and also too long, but there are plenty of much worse films out there (or even on this list: E.T., High Noon, Dr. Zhivago, Shane, Ben Hur, Godfather, Casablanca ... I could go on).


Thanks for carrying on the meme, Nicholas. Interesting selections.


I thought Wizard of Oz was a rite of passage...but maybe not in England. There's not a child in my generation who didn't have nightmares about those flying monkeys but didn't watch it every year just the same.

There are those who say if you watch it with the volume off, to Pink Floyd's The Wall, presumably stoned...that it's amazing!


i cant beleive you have never seen E.T and the wizard of oz lol

they are always playing here every christmas! you cant avoid them really!

i like a good horror or a comedy myself generally, oh and i hear you on star wars! i hate all the craze about it!

Thanks for your sweet comment you left me, i think your great too ;)

Candy Minx

I really liked your top five faves. "Some Like It Hot" is just an excellent film, I watch it probably once a year. I have a photo from Vanity Fair of those two gents on my fridge.

Here it is if you scroll down this post:

Judd Corizan


I am Judd Corizan. I produce a new meme called Sunday Stealing. It’s located at: It’s a meme I am producing that originated on Bud Weiser’s WTIT Blog. I am now heading up the meme that you can play every Sunday. What we do is search for the best memes in the blogosphere and steal them. We always contact the blog’s owner and fess up to the theft and give them a link.

It has been incredibly popular on Bud’s blog and Bud has always encouraged his readers to steal it as well. Sunday Stealing introduced the infamous “CD Cover” meme to hundreds of readers. And that is the best part. Every week the meme will always be different. We’ve contacted since you have played Saturday 9, which is as hot a meme as there is on the internet. Naturally, we got permission from Samantha Winters (Crazy Sam) and she is excited about our meme and was thrilled to help. We’ve exchanges links/ads!

We did a “dry run” on this past Sunday and will go live on this Sunday August 31st! We hope you join us. We hope you’ll join in! And if you haven’t played Saturday: 9 in a while, I promised Sam I’d invite you play again at



This is new for me so hope you have time to play. Tag you’re it.
The rules are: Mention six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them. Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged. If you participate, let the person know who tagged you you’ve posted your quirks!


I haven't seen half of those movies!

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