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September 17, 2008


Candy Minx

This really makes one think. I mean I forget that U.S. is considered one of the richest countries...but to see all the many zeores? 12? Ouch!

I'm going to copy this post out, thanks Nicholas!

Here is my TT list:


You have scared the pants off of me. I needed that. Thanks!

SJ Reidhead

We just gotta go bail out every yahoo in the country.

Never mind...

The Pink Flamingo


We can start by voting out the GOP. Happy TT.


Quite frightening.


Sobering information, and something to think about when the Americans go to the polls.


I knew that our country has a huge debt to settle but I didn't have any idea that it included so many different countries. Thanks for the eye opener. Very interesting facts to know. Great TT!

Adelle Laudan

Proud to be Canadian lol Got 20 until payday? LOL

marcia@joyismy goal

oh wow not a pleasant sight at all

Nicole Austin

Its scary, ridiculous stuff. New Orleans has yet to be rebuilt. Seven years later and there hasn't even been much done at ground zero. We have more and more homeless living on the street. Yet we offer billion of dollars in aid to other countries.

Mary Emken

Maybe if we stop bailing out other countiers we would have enough money to help our people out. America is always opening there arms to every one it's time now to open our eyes.

On a limb with Claudia

It's frightening. Yep.


Yikes....and I thought the new loan for my renovations was alot!!! Thanks for the info my friend. Happy TT;)

Ann Bruce

Totally taken aback by 1 and 2. The real question is will they ever pay it back. My answer is no.


We owe Luxembourg that much money? Wow. And to think we took out our first loan back in 1789.


Happy TT.


I had no idea the US was deep in debt too! At the end of 2007, Philippine foreign debt was up to 54.9 Billion US Dollars. That is a lot of money to pay back that every year, the budget for debt servicing only goes toward payment of the interest, not the principal itself. Even our generation's kids and grandkids who haven't been born yet are already obligated to pay this debt.

Sad thing is, the money that is/was borrowed don't always go to the people.

Great TT though :)


I didn't know how bad it was.

I should have added it to my list of why I am not voting for McCain.

Teena in Toronto

Interesting stuff to know!

I'm looking forward to "Ghost Town" too!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Joyful Days

Interesting. I'd like to see who owes us how much.

Barbara H.

It really boggles the mind!!


Luxembourg? Really?

The whole thing is truly mind-boggling.

Brenda ND

Huh, I hear a lot about how much US owes. Not so much about other countries' debt. That's something to ponder. Happy TT!


Visiting from my aunt Colleen's site... because I liked your comment :-)
This is very very scary, to say the least!
Happy TT (mines up too) & have a great upcoming weekend!


Yikes. This makes me angry and frustrated.


Pretty scary for us Americans! I say we abolish our present system of government and start completely over with people who can actually manage. But, it's not going to happen. I worry for my grandkids.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


On behalf of the UK, I'd like to claim some of that dosh - perhaps enough to buy my flat. You may address your cheque to PJ Recluse.


Wow - so you owe us 44 billions? Well, maybe you wanna start to pay bayk and send me - let's say 10 dollars each month?
Just kidding ;)
Thanks for visiting and Happy TT

Greets Julia

Moondancer Drake

Is there any wonder we are in so much trouble money wize?


wow had no clue.. thanks for sharing


yes, this is very sobering!

thanks for stopping by my list. happy TT!

Cindy Swanson

Yes, this is depressing. So will a change of party in November make it all better? Hmmm...I fail to see how. It seems to me this is a problem that goes waaaaay back, and it's not going to be fixed quickly.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my TT!

Wylie Kinson

Should be req'd reading for every voting American.

btw, N... what's the daily cost of the Iraq war?

yeah, explains a lot.


EEK! Scary stuff. I'm actually surprised that Canada and Mexico are below so many other countries.

Thing is, the best isn't really coming from the US anymore. There was a time, but others have caught up and even passed them.

Thanks for stopping by, great comment!

Pamela Kramer

WOW - This is most unpleasant to see. Happy TT any way. lol


Your last sentence regarding what the debt might be for future generations is scary indeed.


that is some debt! man i couldnt imagine owing that much. I see that the UK is 3rd on the list lol

Hope you are well and having a good weekend


Thank you so much for the wonderfully insightful information. You have shared some keen insights which penetrate right to the core of what many see yet do not understand. I appreciate what you have offered to no end. Please don't stop. :)

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