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October 22, 2008



I like that Book Of General Ignorance,I might get a copy of that.
thanks for the post.


I'm pleased you've included by favourite action thriller writer. No one beats Higgins in this genre.

Ann Bruce

Okay, just added The Book Of Heroic Failures to my TBR. How can I resist that title?


I LOVE the idea of the Book of Heroic Failure! Too funny.

On a limb with Claudia

Great list! Really. Do you have a favorite here? I don't think I've read even one.... a little scary, eh?

Cheers Nicholas!


Now this is a nice mix :) We will be seeing a Noel Coward play being put on by our local theatre group in a couple of months. Blythe Spirit is a great film. :) Happy TTing, and thanks for stopping by!

Adelle Laudan

Clever list, but I've never read any of them. Happy T13!


Great choices, Brit!

I'm reading "The Way Of The World" by Ron Suskind.

It's mesmerizing.


wooh so many books.I'm curious about "A Tough to Lose". Mine is up.13 Ghost Story Books


As some others have already mentioned, THE BOOK OF HERIOCI FAILURES sounds interesting, as does THE BOOK OF GENERAL IGNORANCE. Gotta love those titles too (smile).


Now that is an interesting idea for TT! A lot of them I hadn't heard of too.

yasmin do you find these books...Happy TT and thanks for stoppling by.

The Gal Herself

First of all, I love the pink car on the merry-go-round! What a day brightener.

As a Beatle fan, I was very conflicted on the Lennon book. I didn't enjoy it and I wanted it to NOT be true. But then, if I were to be reasonable, I'd have to entertain the notion that Goldman's Elvis book isn't true either, and I'm not giving that up. That's where we got the tales of the horny monkey, the teen girls in their white pants, and so many other Elvis classics.


Thanks for the list. I've never heard of any of the books. :)


Woohoo...more books that I havent Have you read all of these? Great list..Happy TT and thanks for the love.


Backstairs at the Whitehouse sounds great.

Heather B.

LOVE IT! Im an avid reader myself! Happy TT to you!


Thank for stopping by!

I love your list and I'm almost embarrassed to say I've never read any of these... and I'm a very avid reader! I gotta check out at least one!


Shoshana's This Book For Free

Nicholas, which one of these books would you recommend for anyone to try?

I like this neat list. I haven't read a single one of this title. No surprise. I usually read romances with hopefully not TSTL main character.


The Man Who Never Was is based on a true story, isn't it?

That Book of Heroic Failures sounds like a fun read.


The only one I've read was the Jack Higgins book. A clever list. Glancing around my shelves, I'm not sure I can come up with that many longer titles. Seems like most of the books have 2- or 3-word titles. Publishers must think that's easier to remember.


I want to know do you read all of these book?
Happy T13

Thanks for stopping by......

Matthew James Didier

I had the ORIGINAL "Book of Failures" and read it often... it brought me much joy, but fell apart. I must replace with the revised version... despite Pile being forced from the "Not Terribly Good Club" for being a success.

Alice Audrey

It's interesting how many of them have humble subjects.


Hear, hear to what you said about john lennon. of course he wasn't perfect, he was human like everyone else.

I recently saw a movie about the making of Cirque du Soleil's show, Love; it was just amazing to see the input Olivia and Yoko had, as well as Paul's and Ringo's!


Nice list. To be honest I haven't heard of any of these books, but they do look interesting. I may have to extend my book collection.


You must have a pretty big library full of bookcases!

Nina Pierce

Nicholas, you always have the most interesting T13 lists. The Book of General Ignorance looks interesting.

Brenda ND

The only one I recognize is "The Man Who Never Was." Happy TT!


I've not read any of these and now I'll be on the lookout for The Diary of A Nobody. Thanks for adding to my list of books :)


The Book Of General Ignorance sounds like fun. I'll have to hunt up a copy.

Happy TT!


Those sound like great reads. Especially like the sounds of Death Of A Minor Character,The Man Who Never Was and The Diary Of A Nobody. Those sound interesting. Thanks for the recommendations. Also thanks for stopping by mine :)


Tell you what, you listen to some of my music and I'll rady some of your books! Great list


With the hundreds and hundreds of books I've read, I can't believe that I haven't read one of your books!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nicole Austin

Wow, your book collection never ceases to amaze me. Great list!


The Book Of Heroic Failures sounds like a fun read.


Thanks for dropping by --- and thank you #11 (age) is accurate.

Interesting variety of books. I've read at least one of them, possibly more. The age keeps me from knowing for sure.


It is somehow comforting to come back after a year and find you still posting great book lists. I'm adding a few to my "must reads". I've only read one of these to date: "The Man That Never Was". I'd love to see you at my place, but as my comeback I chose an easy one... 13 tattoos. haha. I recall you don't care much for them, so if ou give me a skip, I'll understand. ;-)


you always have such a wide and interesting array of titles/authors. I luv coming by to peruse and perhaps add to my list of must reads!

Happy Reading, Nicholas!


Thank you for visiting my Thirteen Thursday list. VERY different from my own. The reason for Skydiving in NZ is because I hear its the most beautiful place to do it in...I already attempted to scare off my fear of heights by bungee jumping (check out my blog on that its one of the first blogs I wrote about). As for #12 on my lets say D-Lo wants to get back in shape first lol!!


'The Book Of Heroic Failures', 'The Book Of General Ignorance' and 'The Diary Of A Nobody' all sound like I'd really love them. The John Lennon book's reaction is very funny, considering Lennon's caustic wit was apparent when he was a Beatle. You can't have caustic wit and be a Buddha.


Great T13. I've never heard of most of these books. Hopefully I'll have some time soon to read an adult book.(I usually only have time for preschool books.)

I hope you get a chance to rake some leaves sometime this fall. Thanks for stopping by!


I think I've got to get the Book of General Ignorance too... :)

tips and tricks

The Book of General Ignorance sounds like a great gift for no other than moi! :-)


I love your book lists! You're so erudite! BTW, I'm back... four manuscripts subbed to publishers later... ;) I missed coming by here!

Kensana Darnell

Great list! I think I need to find a copy of Backstairs At The White House. It sounds like a must read, but then a lot of these do. Happy TT.

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