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October 20, 2008



As an expat in our country, have you ever read "A People's History of the United States"? I read it awhile ago, and if its words are to be believed, we Americans were a lot closer to Socialism, or at least Social Democracy, before World War II and the Cold War. Looking at the medical care plans in Europe and Canada, I feel like we have kind of blown it in that area. My mom went $20K into debt from one surgery, which was covered by her insurance, but the 3 days after in the hospital were not. That $20K debt led to high monthly payments on the loan, which led to running up another $10k in debt. All of which could have been avoided with free, or even affordable, health care.

If fighting to make sure this does not happen to more and more people in the name of big business profits makes me a Socialist, or even a Communist, then so be it.


I'd agree. We have the opposite in the U.S. Through support of a far-flung massive military and through pro-business perks, much of our tax dollars actually goes to support businesses and enterprises that many of us make little or no profit from.

Mozi Esme's Mommy

I think socialism is great in theory! It is just way too easy to abuse it, but then I guess any system of government can be abused. Living in Mozambique, I long for the capitalism of the US. It's sick to be part of an economy that is primarily made up of handouts from other countries, and a government made up of people who grow rich on taxing that generosity.


"I don’t think most Americans have the remotest idea what a socialist is."

That's exactly it, right there. I'm of the opinion that it's often easier for some people to simply point their finger as they cry out, "commie!", rather than actually learn exactly what socialism is.

Maybe fearing & hating is easier than learning...though it makes me a little sad to say that, I think it's true for a large number of people.

Excellent post.


I've been thinking about this too, all the throwing around of the term "socialism." I think people in the campaign are counting on the general public not really having a clue, and just creating a feeling of fear and suspicion. Could be an opportunity for discussion and education? Unless of course we all get sidetracked by something else.

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