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October 01, 2008


On a limb with Claudia

Well, I haven't read ANY of these books. That makes me laugh because usually I've read them all. Maybe I have a "t" prejudice. I'll have to ponder it!


Great list. I love Lynne Truss's work. Her kiddie version of Eats Shoots & Leaves is also a great read. Must try the manners one.


I was trying to remember where I had heard the name Tintin. I then recalled that the Aussie recording duo Tin Tin took their name from the teenage journalist. I just read that there is a film based on the comic strip scheduled for release in 2010. It'll be directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson.

By the way, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you aren't too fond of Mr. Blair.

Joy Renee

the only one of these i've read is Treasure Island and that when I was in grade school. of the rest I really want to read the Alan Alda book and Talk to the Hand.

thanx for visiting. btw i answered your question re LOTR in comments on my tt

Nicole Austin

Wow, Treasure Island is the only one of these I've read too. I think I'll check out the Alan Alda. Sounds interesting.


Very creative but I like your blogs with attitude a little better;) Happy TT!!

Candy Minx

I have wondered how the Alan Alda bio is, I was very interested in reading that one.

And I've only read three on this list this time...Treasure Island, Trouble With Lichen and Tin Tin.



Every now and again I like to read a good action thriller. First choice over the last 30 years has been Higgins. He's the master of the genre.

Brenda ND

I haven't read any of these books. Hmm. Happy TT anyway!

Wylie Kinson

Love Alan Alda. I should pick that one up.
Ken Follett is one of my faves, but I don't remember Triple. Hmmm... I'm 99% sure I've read everything the man has written. Could one have slipped by, or didn't it make an impression strong enough for me to remember?

Teena in Toronto

I love to read but haven't read any other "T"hose.

Thanks for the visit!


I'm pretty sure Jethro Tull is British.

So you didn't even use the word "T"he. Pretty good.


Treasure Island is one of my all-time faves :) I hear that Tin Tin is being made into a Hollywood film.....

Hootin' Anni

I've so many times been tempted to pick up Alan Alda's autobiography...I will, some day...I'm so behind in my book reading...I have a stack "This High" and need to catch up before I buy any more. LOL

Have a super Thursday.


Love the cover of Talk to the Hand LOL!

I bought Never have Your Dog Stuffed for my Dad, who loves MASH and he enjoyed it very much.

Mary Emken

I'm a little surprised the comment you made about Tony Blair, but just a little.
I've had Alan Alda's book for a while now but haven't read it. Been pretty busy around here lately. Of course, years ago when I was younger I read Treasure Island. Interesting list Nick.

Take care.

Kealie Shay

I have only read Treasure Island, but they all look pretty interesting... even Tony Blair if for no other reason than to see if I'd rather keep it as a paperweight. Great list. Thanks for stopping by mine today.


I've read three: the Alan Alda book, Tin Tin and Treasure Island. I have Talk to the Hand on my TBR pile. Happy TT.

The Gal Herself

Now was James Bellamy the father or the son? I remember Lady Marjorie was the very elegant matriarch (who just HAD to go to America on the Titanic!) but I'm fuzzy on the Bellamy menfolk ...


i've never read any of the above. you shouldn't be jealous though. come, join me in NZ. we're gonna have fun!!!!!

Matthew James Didier

Wow! With the exception of Treasure Islands... and having every available "single" Tintin from my youth... I'm bereft of the others! Some intriguing reads, by the looks of it...

Cindy Swanson

Good for you, could have used books that all start with the word "The"!

Well, you know I love TT's that have anything to do with books. Great job...and have a great weekend!

Gina's Public Diary

A great idea for TT. I would love to read some of these, especially Treasure Island.


I must be the odd one out, since most reader here have read Treasure Island and I never did. I find that funny, consider the fact that I've always been a reader since I was kid. I must have missed out on finding Treasure Island ;)

The only book I do know is Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. I did read his first book that started out the character of Mitch, but am not sure if that first book was Transfer of Power? I've been meaning to go back and continue to read the next book but with all books sitting in my TBR pile and my moods have taken over, I forgotten to :)

Great list of "T" and Happy Thursday Thirteen!


I love it that you've never read Treasure Island! I don't think I have either. Although, at some point in school I think I did an essay on it. I'm sure it got an A. I don't recall ever an essay. I'm good with words and bullshit. ;)


Thanks for visiting!! Very interesting TT!! =)


you read alot of books nicholas! i wonder how many you have in total in your bookcase?

im going to imagine you have a giant bookcase thats dark antique style wood and has about 100 books in it rofl!!

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