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October 12, 2008



Then we've the Obama/terrorist meme because Obama (along with many prominent Republicans) worked with someone who was affiliated with a group who put a bomb in the Pentagon (warning people of the explosion ahead of time). All the while, we're supposed to ignore McCain dropping bombs on hundreds of Vietnamese villages full of babies and old women in a war that was originally waged by the U.S. in order to reinstall the French colonialists. I wonder if the war hero phoned up any of the villages and told the women to leave for the day so their tiny children wouldn't get covered with napalm. I find the hypocrisy of all this absolutely appalling.

Wylie Kinson

I just shake my head at the reaction of McCain supporters. I can't believe that people can be so ignorant!!!
On that note, I'm going to vote in the Canadian election today... and be thankful that we don't have Ms Palin to worry about.


Poor Sarah. Leave her alone! (That video was just disturbing...and yeah, I did see the one with Brittney. Ha!)

You know what? I'm sick of this whole election. I just want it to be over, though of course, only if Obama wins. McSame's scolding people about their vitriolic hatred of Obama smacks of too little, too late to me. And that hatred, absolute hatred, is scary indeed.

Regarding the abortion issue, I can't help but put my two cents in here. I am 100% pro-choice, and by that I mean I don't care why a woman wants to have one, it's her frikkin' choice. It shouldn't be only allowed if she were raped. The problem with only allowing it in cases of rape or incest is twofold.

Reason one, it suggests that women who have unintended pregnancies outside of incest and rape are culpable, and therefore not deserving of being in control of their own bodies and the number of children they have. The percentage of women getting abortions because their birth control failed them, and who already have as many children as they can reasonably support, is actually higher than the more dramatic teen who forgot the condom or whatever. I would not agree with the (VERY RARE) case of a woman using abortion as her sole method of birth control, but I would fight for her right to do so, if you know what I mean by that.

Reason two, I think people who say abortion is ok only in cases of rape & incest are hypocrites. It's either wrong, or it isn't. It's either taking a life, or it isn't. At least Palin, while I disagree with her 100%, is being consistent by saying that she disagrees with abortion in any circumstances.

And by all of this I am in no way suggesting that I thought you supported abortion rights only for women in the case of rape or incest. It's just that this caveat keeps coming up again and again with regards to Palin, and I have a strong opinion on the matter.


Wow, what a funny yet scary video. I'm hoping that Obama wins the upcoming election. If McCain/Palin get into office I feel we as a country are in big trouble. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Obama wins.


I find it amazing that ANY thinking woman would agree with the crap Palin spouts.

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