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October 29, 2008



Great job, Nicholas!

By the way, I'm not very happy about the planned US remake of Kath & Kim, as its Aussie flavour is such an integral part of its humour.


Some classic programmes there. It's hard to think that Fawlty Towers only ran to about a dozen episodes. Such fame from so little. But a marvellous sitcom.

Laughing Muse

I miss Max Headroom. It's not even available on DVD...truly sad. The American series had its wobbles; but it was decent.

(/prays for Max Headroom on DVD this Christmas...)

Nicole Austin

Wow, I had no ideas we were so unoriginal. LOL! Happy TT!

Ann Bruce

I'm still waiting for the American take on Black Adder...but I'm afraid they'll screw it up.

Nina Pierce

Until our cable company got cheap, we got BBC. We LOVED it! Coupling is one of my all time favorites! I miss that show. Very creative writing. Nice list Nicholas.


Happy TT!


Didn't know this....but the most TV I ever watch is cheesy reality TV.


Very well done and informative. I've watched a few episodes of the original "Coupling" and found it to be hilarious. I saw the U.S. remake once, but wasn't impressed.

I wonder if the producers of "Please Sir" ever sought legal action against the makers of "Welcome Back, Kotter" because the latter show never acknowledged the British predecessor.

By the way, I didn't do a T13 this week. However, I do have a new poll up and a post about the controversy surrounding Kevin Smith's new movie.


Wow! You did a lot of work on your!! Impressive.

The Land of Rozz

Oh my goodness.....I knew about a lot of the reality shows but Sanford and Son??? Three's Company?? I would have never guessed. Those were some of my favorite shows growing up. Great Information! Happy TT!

Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy

Great list - thanks for the trivia lesson!!


I was surprised to see Welcome Back Kotter, All In The Family, Sanford and Son, and Three's Company in this list. I had no idea that they were based on English sitcoms! I learn something new every day :)

Great Thursday 13!

Adelle Laudan

I never knew about Three's Company. Great list! Happy Halloween!


Great idea,that's quite new to me,although I'm familiar w/ american idol but the rest is something I learned today.
and thanks for the sweet comment on my entry. have a great weekend.


Didn't know that about All in the Family! Doesn't seem possible, somehow.


Sanford and Son? Really? Well, you learn something new every day.


I didnt know about All in the Family.

I love Life on Mars.

Brenda ND

Wow, very interesting. I had no idea. I would have never guess about Sanford and Son.

Alice Audrey

I want to see Man About the House. It sound a lot better than Three's Company.

BTW, sorry about my post today. I didn't mean to leave you shaken.


I know almost nothing about British or American shows, so I can't comment.

Joy Renee

wow i had no idea about so many of these but then my exposure to western pop culture was quite curtailed prior to 1992 and i've been playing catchup ever since. I discovered Three's Company in 1985 and loved it with a guilty conscience until i finally gave myself permission to enjoy loving what i loved in the mid nineties. it's that pesky puritan upbringing--so hard to chuck it even once one recognizes it for upchuck.

i love a lot of BBC TV. I find so much of it smarter and more candid than so much of American TV. i also like that you get six minutes more per half hour! one of my favs was Keeping up Appearances. I wonder what an American Version of that would look like?

well i'm off to google a certain sarah's predilection to book burning. something else i learned while perusing your front page and I thot i was fairly well informed on that subject.

btw thanx for visiting. I came straight here from the tt hub and was still reading your front page when I saw your comment come through. Not sure what time that was but well over an hour. This is why I am always playing catchup with my tt visiting. sigh


Even if it was just The Office, that would be enough for me! And while we are at it, I'd like to express my gratitude for the Brits giving us Hugh Laurie, whose American accent on House belies his British roots.

Hope you are doing well...I'm on a deadline and have NO time to write for fun!


Thanks to UK for bringing us Chef Ramsey!

Teena in Toronto

And some are/were my favs! I love Gordon Ramsay's shows, both the US version and English version (on our food channel). The English version isn't censored so there's a lot of F-sharps flying around. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)


Sanford and Son? I had no idea! Isn't that something? Great TT!


Wonderful TT and very interesting. I had no idea that many of the shows I love aired on British TV. I learned a lot today. Thanks for sharing.


I absolutely adore British television - almost all of my favorite TV shows are British. The one American remake that works for me is 'The Office' - that one slays me. This is a great TT, Nicholas! I didn't know about a few of these, including 'Sanford and Son'.


Nice list. I didn't know there was an American version of Life On Mars.

Thanks for stopping by my post.....and I am a lot of fun to hang out with.


I knew about half of them but never thought there were so many. I would love to know how Life on Mars ends. I think that's the hook of the show, watching to find out how the mystery will turn out. It seems so implausible.


I knew about half of them but never thought there were so many. I would love to know how Life on Mars ends. I think that's the hook of the show, watching to find out how the mystery will turn out. It seems so implausible.


I had no idea most of those originated in Britain! Great TT.

Shannon H.

I have seen nearly all of the shows. Thanks for explaining your choices.

The Bumbles

Fascinating stuff - I too had no idea about the old 70's rip-offs. Basically every show on TLC is a recycled version of the BBC original. And wasn't Survivor first done elsewhere? I love that show. Thanks for stopping by our blog - this TT meme is a lot of fun.

Ms. Behaving

In that case, way to go Britain!! Oh and Happy TT!! :-)


So many great shows! I particularly liked Sanford & Son and All In The Family :-)

Is that your table? It's just beautiful!

The Gal Herself

Great list. Perhaps you can settle a Beatle controversy for me. Was the actor who played the dad on Steptoe the same one (Brambell?) who played Paul's grandfather in A Hard Day's Night? (Thanks for visiting my TT)


Fabulous list. You know, I had always felt that US versions of British Shows generally weren't as good, except in some rare cases (like Stepford and Son...and Who's Line, but then Who's Line did have two of the same people in it.) Perhaps things are slightly better than I thought. Thanks for the illumination.

Matthew James Didier

A goodly list... only one odd comment... The American "Life On Mars" has thrown a couple of new spanners into the works... including "visions of a the future(?)" with a robot... very odd. Still, nothing compares (regardless) to Philip Glenister's Gene Hunt!!!

Question: You catch "Ashes to Ashes" yet... and your thoughts?

Matthew James Didier

...oh, and be wary... scuttlebutt is that now Julie Gardner (former head of BBC "Fiction" - read: Drama) is now looking after BBC America and based in Los Angeles, they are considering an American "version" of Doctor Who...

Be afraid... be very afraid.


Without this TT, I wouldn't have known that those shows had British origins! Thank you :)


Interesting... I will admit that I've always wanted to get BBC shows here because some of them sound really good. What I don't get is why we end up picking up the bottom of the barrel?


We are digging Life on Mars.
Fun list, I had no idea about a couple of them.


I'm missing British tv terribly at the moment so had to read this. A great list...I didn't know how many of these US programmes have English roots. I remember Welcome Back Kotter- wow! I was about 12, living in Bermuda and John Travolta was my hero then...somethings things from our childhood are hard to understand, I know.

Anyway, it was a hard toss up between watching that and Starsky and Hutch. (I was only allowed to watch one tv show a week on school nights.)

Great T13- thanks for the memories! Mine's up too.
bella :)

On a limb with Claudia

We watch so much British television - mostly mysteries. Our latest is Blue Murder. Although they released more Inspector Lynley. Of course Midsomer Murders are a favorite. I don't know why I like them so much - just do! :)


Hmmm... Very interesting. Happy TT!


Great list! I knew about a few of these shows, but this list is incredible. A lot of these have been great, but I thought that the American version of Coupling was awful. I'm glad that one disappeared.

Thanks for commenting on my first TT!


Wow-that lists includes so many of my favorites. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words! I'm glad I found yours and will be back soon. Happy TT. One more minute left here.


Why is it that the UK shows are so much better than the ones here in the States? Just got finished watching the entire series Little Britain and loved it and of course I'm a die hard Ab Fab fan. Not looking forward to the Americanized version of that one. Thanks for stopping by and happy TT!


Thanks for visiting my blog! Great list!


The only ones I didn't already know where Sanford & Son, All in the Family, and The Eleventh Hour. Very cool TT post!

Desiree - Dessays

Wow, I had no idea there were that many U.S. shows copied from British shows. I knew of a few of those but was shocked by Sanford and Son & All in the Family.

Nice job on this TT! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my TT and yes I did mean the remake of Italian Job & I knew when I was listing it that someone would laugh at it. But I really liked it!!



I didn't realize Simon had done Idol in the UK before he came here. Eleventh Hour looks interesting, but I've got no time for anymore TV than I already watch. Great TT, Nick!

Amazing Gracie

What a wonderful post! You Brits have always been ahead of us, especially adult humor!
Fawlty Towers is my very favorite sitcom.
Thanks for all of the info.


That was very interesting! I knew a lot of shows in the U.S. are derived from British T.V. but you seem to have all kinds of inside scoop! Neat. :-)

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