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November 12, 2008



This is definitely a fun list! Hubby's favourite book series is the Book of Lists. I find it fun to look through the original, and realise how the times have changed. :) Happy TT


I don't think people give Steven King's wife nearly enough credit. She's a bright woman without whom we wouldn't have Carrie or any of King's other works.


I was once lucky enough to have two books published. Suffice to say, both of my titles were changed.
Why is at that some authors are excellent at writing books, but terrible at naming them?

On a limb with Claudia

This is fascinating. I thought that titles were picked by publishers, book packagers, book designers and/or editors. I had no idea that any author picked his/her title.... well, except ME - and YOU! :)



another great post of course,that's why you're on my fav list at
My 13 List

Adelle Laudan

What a kewl list. Thanks. Happy T13!

Lazy Daisy

You always amaze me with your literary lists. Some how the original titles just didn't have the same punch. I have been known to read a book because I loved the title.


The change ups for The Great Gatsby were good moves!


I think it is interesting how usually the shorter, more succinct titles seem to work best, and are the most memorable.


It is interesting to think that probably every book we've ever read had a different title before it was printed.

Kensana Darnell

From “Tenderness” to “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” Whoa that's good. Another good list!


this is very interesting. I'd take any book title if I ever get published.


Kool list, really. I loved your points on picking Catch 22 and Jaws. That was so right on!

My TT is up 13 Things to Consider before Hiring


I love this list! I am an English teacher and have printed this off to bring into my high school class tomorrow! Thanks!


Very cool list, I loved reading these :)


Great list! I didn't know about Gone with the Wind.


Wonderful and fun list. We always learn so much from your lists.


Difficult list for me, I know more French or German authors.
Thanks for your comment on my veterans post. I don't think that the UK can exist alone inmidst a united Europe. And fortunately a lot of British people think the same. My son works for a british company in London since about 15 years. So I have a little idea, lol !

Brenda ND

This is really intesting. I'm not sure I would have picked up most of these books with their first title. Most of these classics I can't imagine without their current title. Thanks for sharing.

moondancer drake

I never knew any of these, wow. Thank for the info!

Happy TT


Wow, wonderful information on these books. I had no idea their titles were changed due to marketing. I love Pride And Prejudice. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my place. Take care.


In every case the final title is better. Some are household words. I loved this post.


I was wondering how you knew all these original titles--I'm thinking The Book of Lists would be a great book to keep in the car for those times when you have to sit and wait.

Here are a couple more for you:

Lani Diane Rich's Maybe Baby was at one time called "Flipping the Bird".

and a few from Jim Butcher:
Storm Front was originally Semiautomagic.
Death Masks was originally Holy Sheet.
Blood Rites was originally Money Shots.
Furies of Calderon was originally Shepherdboy's Fury.


Ba Ba Black Sheep? No one would have ever read that one. I'm glad she came up with something different.

Thanks for visiting my TT!


after a long absence from blogging and the thursday thirteen, i am very very pleased to say you are still one of my favorites! nice to have a constant in a world that shifts daily! happy tt!

maggies mind

Such a great list! You are clever and know stuff, too. :)

The Gal Herself

The only one I already knew was "Incident at West Egg." Thanks for educating me a bit, and thanks for visiting my TT.


Great list, and for once I can say I have actually read some of those books!


I loved this list. It's a good thing that they changed those titles. The others really didn't have quite the same feel.

I need to hunt up those Books of Lists.


Very interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


I think the alternative to The Happy Hooker (which I sneakily read when I was babysitting at about age 13) is PERFECT!!!!


what an interesting list! I especially enjoyed the bits about Stephen King and Alex Haley.


Happy TT I love your blog, thanks for dropping by!

Aly @ Lip Zip

My browser crashed before the word verification window took so forgive me if this is a duplicate comment.

Anyway, I said this is a great list. I'm a Stephen King fan and had no idea "Dreamcatcher" was originally "Cancer."

You taught me something today. Thanks!


How did you find this list? I love surfing the web, people find the most obscure things:)


Great List!!! I would have never known any of that. But great books, glad they changed the titles. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!



This post is great. It made me think about the time the library wrote up their notice for publication misspelling Jane Austen. (I work at a newspaper.)


I had heard of The Great Gatsby's working titles, but not the others. Very interesting!


Aren't we glad the author's listened to their publishers and editors. Great list!

Thanks for visiting History Is Elementary.


Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! Sky diving and bungee jumping are both so much fun! I would also like to try hang gliding, but I haven't had the chance to do it yet.

Nicole Austin

Wow, greaet list. Nothing wrong with most of those titles but the ones they actually used have so much more impact.


Those are great! I remember the one about War and Peace from something I read. So funny to see how people's ideas of titles can change. Or how marketing does the job for them. :)


Great list. I had no idea about these title changes, very interesting.


I had the title for my book way before I had the book. :)

PS: I'm trying to line up blogs for my virtual book tour. Would you possibly be interested in participating? You could either interview me - how I wrote my book (, how I'm promoting it, are the characters real, etc. or however you'd like to do it. Of course, I'd then link back to you and promote the "event"

It should be ready by December, but I'm flexible with the tour dates. :)


Great list! Appearantly, the publishers know what they're talking about now and then, because I like all of the published titles on your list better than the working ones the authors came up with.


The 'War and Peace' alternate is my favorite!

And by the way, I agree with your bewilderment with American conservatives. They scare me, actually.


What a fun list! Definitely all better than the originals!


ACK! 47 comments thus far? Wow.

I think my favorite on this list is "Among Ash Heaps And Millionaires". I like it even better than "The Great Gatsby".


Hmm these are very interesting didnt know most of them!

Thanks for sharing!!

And also thanks for stopping by!

Happy TT!!


I remember reading The Happy Hooker during my late teens, it was a great read. I don't know if I would have gone for "Come and Go" (maybe Cum and Go...)

I bet you know that The Beatles' song Yesterday was originally called "Scrambled Eggs".

Joy @ Five J's

What a terrific — and hilarious — post! Thanks for sharing.

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