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November 19, 2008



Two of my favourites in the list again - King and Higgins. Very different writers, but masters in their genres.


Great list! Unfortunately for me I guess is that the only one I'm familiar with is David Copperfield, although a few look quite good! Happy TT and thank you for stopping by!

On a limb with Claudia

I have a real fondness for Charles Dickens - which has grown since I've been writing this serial fiction ( I'm glad to see him on your list.


yes The only one i have read is David Copperfield by CHARLES DICKENS but I have lots of Copperfield he does have great character development


Wonderful list. I'd love to read Bonnie and Clyde. I'm sure that would be a good read. Happy TT!


This has me wondering about the popularity of a guy named Billy.

Adelle Laudan

Interesting list. I see a couple there I wouldn't mind checkin out, Happy T13!


You've got to try harder.....these bore me. Happy TT;)

SJ Reidhead

As usual a great list.

The Pink Flamingo


your #1 make me wanna read the book.
you are very creative to come up with the idea of a man's book. :)

Alice Audrey

The Mole books sound a bit like something a friend of mine put on his blog about his own childhood.


nice list :) thanks for visiting my TT, we spent a fortune on our treadmill as well...i think my dr. is nuts! And I have another book for your list...Chasing Harry Winston.


another great list.........and my reading list has increased, yet again! happy tt!


Another good list...thanks for stopping by my TT...

Thanks and Happy TT!

Brenda ND

I read Gerald’s Game and saw a movie about Billy Bathgate, but the rest of the list is new to me. Happy TT!


I'm always looking for the next thing to read. No chic lit on your list, but I see a couple on here I'd go for.


I can always get more book ideas from your list. :)


No Harry Potter?

Great list anyway.


And one has the name of the town I live in.


Another great T13 post from you.


I've been dying to read 'Jack Absolute' for awhile, and now you've reminded me. Plus, I love the cover for it!


Hmm, so many Billies and not one Bob (smile).


I would have cheated and gone with a list of men's biographies, lol!

This gives me and idea for a TT - Book titles that remind me of the men I've dated like:
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
The Dead Zone by Stephen King

Thanks for stopping by my TT this week!


Wow, this is a great TT post, Nicholas!

You've made me very interested in Stephen King's Gerald's Game, just to find out how she was imprisoned so close to her husband's body, and I've been wanting to read David Copperfield for a long time now, but I keep putting it off.

Thanks for the welcome, by the way!


I've read David Copperfield and Billy Liar, and I think I've read the Jack Higgins book--it sounds familiar. And I have The Story of Elijah on my Amazon Wish List. :)

Matthew James Didier

Okay, that's it...

I have come to the conclusion that you MUST have gotten ahold of about 45% of my library and either duplicated it, or using some sort of Erwin Schrödinger-like device for manipulating items via quantum mechanics based on the Copenhagen interpretation understanding of particles, have actually established OWNING said library which is mine at the same time as it, presumably, sits on my shelves... only to "appear" perhaps for me when I'm looking at it directly.

That's my hypothesis... and I'm sticking to it!

Logan Lamech

A strange criteria to list books with but there's some great titles in there. Incedently I've heard the most commonly used name for male lead in movies is Jack. I guess Michael Keaton uses it almost everytime.

Logan Lamech


Sorry it you get 2 posts - my power went out and my router went off as I was posting it!

No, I didn't date Rhett Butler - though that's one fictional character I always thought would have been a great date!

I was referring to the title itself as in my guy is Gone With The Wind. Just one little mention of domesticity will do that to some males.

Happy TT


Gerald's Game, still makes me shudder. Great book, great list. I have to add a few of those to my Need to Read list. Thanks for sharing!

And thank you for stopping by my TT!

Happy TT Everyone!

Ms. Behaving

I'll have to check out that Stephen King book...
[Sounds like it will make a pretty interesting read.]

Thanks for visiting my blogspot by the way. Oh and Happy T-13!


I like your idea for a list. Sadly, I have read nary a one.


Wow, I think of myself as a reader, but David Copperfield is the only one of these books I've actually read.

Great list!


There is a lot of variety in your book list today despite the common theme - I have only read David Copperfield.


Happy TT! Nice list, of course I have not read any. A lot of them sound like books hubby would like.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my place. I am sure we will end up sticking with Comcast. I really wish they had some competition here but they don't...


How embarrassing! I didn't realize you were a writer until today. D'oh!

And hey, on this list, I think there's the most books I've read of any of your lists!


Great list! I have read several of those books! I need to go find your list about titles with women's names!

Aly @ Lip Zip

You have such interesting TT. Great ideas!

Ann Bruce

I'm intrigued by the Townsend book. I'm strange that way.

Paperback Diva

Your list is fascinating. I'm a big reader but have to admit I haven't read any of those. I'll have to add a couple to my TBR pile. Thanks for the welcome to TT. It's been a pleasurable day.

Cindy Swanson

Great list as always, Nicholas! I always like to see if I've read any of them, but this time only one--David Copperfield.

And thanks for correcting me on Christopher Plummer. Seriously, all these many years I've thought he was British!

Nicole Austin

Loved Gerald's Game. Great book!


Gerald's Game always kind of freaked me out.

Tried to think if any of my books have mens names in them. The only one I could think of was another King novel (the girl who loved Tom Gordon)

PS. The words at Combustible Muse were picked out using a random word generator so it it all random, thus kettle being there.


Gerald's Game was a good book, strange but good. One of the last Stephen King books I read.

Mary Emken

I bought The Story Of Elijah quite a while ago. The suspence keeped the pages turning. It is a perfect thriller especially page 201. I didn't expect it to end the way it did though. You seemed like you were in a hurry to finish it. Can't wait for you to write an other book.

The only other books on your list that I've read are ,David Copperfild and Bonnie And Clyde. Which was quite a few years ago.

You have a gift for writing.

Take care.


To be timely: don't forget The Story of Edgar Sawtelle! Just rented my copy from so it's on my brain. : )


My neighbors across the street are named Bonnie and Clyde..I giggle just a little bit every time I see one of them!


wow, what a good idea for a list! thanks for stopping by my site - thought i'd return the favor. ;)

Phils Grill

Nice list of reads. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Thanks for visiting again (last trips taken). Your list is informative as usual. Thank you for spending the time each week!


Billy's a big name. I wonder do authors ever invent names or do they go for the old standards for some resason or other.

Maggie's Mind

You come up with the best ideas for a TT. Nice list! Oh, and Gerald's Game was really weird. :)

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