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November 26, 2008



I'm never disappointed by the stupidity of many criminals. These were hilarious.


First let me wish you a happy birthday, and American Thanksgiving Day tomorrow :) This was a fun read, and I especially enjoyed reading about the two Canadian wankers at the gas station lol! Happy TT :)


hey,what do you know? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
I don't like turkey either but since my husband will cook the dinner, I'll eat it, he's american and I'm not but I'm Thankful nonetheless.


Have a very Happy Birthday and I hope you get all the roasted chicken you want! Great list, I fear if I ever were to try and be a criminal I would make one of these many dumb mistakes!

Adelle Laudan

Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true. Great list!

Amy @ Finer Things

Great list - my husband's going to use it for entertainment in his government class next week. Thanks!


Happy Birthday! My brother's wedding anniversary is tomorrow as well. :)

My idiot cousin found someone more stupid than herself to marry, and he once robbed a 7-11, and got arrested because he didn't have a car. They picked him up about a block away from the store, walking down the street with a gun and a bag of money. Yes, he was that dumb. Yes, she was actually smart enough to divorce him, but barely.


Oooh. Happy Birthday! And Happy 13ting, too!!!

Alice Audrey

Happy Birthday!


Great blog....


Great TT! Can't decide which one I like best. Happy birthday!


These were hilarious! I never understood people who just don't think things through before they do them! It sure does make for an entertaining story though!

Thanks for stopping by to read me :c)


Happy Birthday!! I love your TTs! Last Thursday I stayed up until 4am just to read through all your TTs! There were a lot of them, and I got my idea for today's TT from all your TTs about books! =)


Well, gosh, hope you had a great birthday!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Wylie Kinson

Happy Birthday, Nicholas! Hope it includes hours of jazz and a good bottle of red.

I had a good chuckle reading your TT. Sadly, and I know this from experience, many of the law enforcers are just as daft ;)

The Gal HerselfL

Happy Birthday! Last year I celebrated my birthday with The Bird and wasn't crazy about it at all. I hope you have a wonderful time.

Great TT. I wonder what Judge Marilyn Milian would say to some of these pathetic criminals.


My birthday always falls on or around Memorial Day, so I am delighted that the entire country gets a three-day weekend to celebrate my birth!!!

Mostly they are eating hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks from the grill! No turkey.


Oh yes...and Happy Birthday! I'm making a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie in your honor!


Happy Birthday! Of course your day should be a holiday - only fitting. Thanks for this TT - I've laughed at every one of them. There's nothing that cracks me up more than a really stupid criminal.


Happy Birthday, Brit!



Happy Birthday!

Graet list... Very little is more fun than stupid criminals.

I don't especially like turkey either, so I'll celebrate your day eating ham instead.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Very funny! Happy Birthday! So nice of everyone to take the day off for you!!!

I used to think Halloween was meant just for me because of when my birthday falls!


Hope you have a very happy birthday!


I see a Vince Vaughn/Adam Sandler bumbling thief movie in the making.


Very funny list...I especially like the last one! For some reason it reminds me of one of those e-mail's I received a while ago...telling me I'd inherited millions from a Nigerian prince who was dying of cancer of the uterus and couldn't do anything with his money right now because he was currently an astronaut on Mars! I framed it.

And Happy Birthday- I hope you've had a great day, however you've been celebrating it!

bella :)


Haha! If those robbers had not been caught, the police in those places would have been more hilarious! :)

What a fun TT, happy birthday! :)


Happy birthday! I really enjoyed the dumb criminal collection too.


Thanks for visiting our T13. Your post reminded me of the movie Palookaville - have you ever seen it? Hope you treated yourself to something criminal for your b-day!


Someone needs to start a correspondance course for these people: Effective Crime 101.

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