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December 23, 2008



no more TT, but I wish you a merry christmas instead. :)


Hmmm....I guess I have been living in a cave. I know about the economic problems, of course. (Married to a guy who works for an investment firm - how can I NOT know?) Just hadn't tied it in with the lack of Christmas lights this year.

My street is just as lit as always. I'd love to add to ours next year, but will have to talk Mr. Wall Street into it first.

Wylie Kinson

Happy Christmas to you and the missus, N. Sorry to hear about the dim neighborhood. Mine is bright, as usual - though my own dh did a slap of a job this year, only stringing a few yew trees with those sad looking LED's. Next year I'll insist that he climb the bloody ladder and trim the eaves!

Adelle Laudan

Happy Holidays, Nicholas and family!

Tina Marie

Pretty bright over here in Houston as well!

Have a very merry xmas and a wonderfully happy 2009!


We've had fewer lit-up houses here on Canada's East Coast as well, Nicholas. I agree with you - the darker the times, the more light we need. Your Ghosts of Christmas Past tree sounds very cool.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you!


Your tree sounds quite strange, and it would indeed be handy for delivery people. :)

I haven't notice more or fewer lights around here...seems about the same as always. The gifts were less expensive, but I don't think that's really a bad thing, even in times when things are going well. Though my daughter is enjoying her new iPod, so they weren't THAT much less expensive, to be honest.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that 2009 treats you well.


It is always good to have a landmark for the delivery people. Last snow bank on the left isn't always helpful. We decorated less than we wanted but only because the bastard stores sold us strands of lights that didn't work. Already planning a decor strategy for next season - the delivery guy will never miss our house.


Pretty funny about the tree. Our location is very easy to find, so we don't need to resort to landmarks, although if the people at the end of the street ever take down their cute little white picket fence we may need to reconsider!

Well, Ornery and I used to hang lights, back about 18 years ago. The truth is, our marriage is worth more than the exterior decor, so we decided to stop that nonsense and enjoy the fruit of other people's labor instead. The last year we (he) hung them, we lived in a house with a rather high peak on the front above the garage. The lights were one red and two white alternating -- the big C7 bulbs (before the advent of those dreadful icicle lights). The strings went all across the front on the eaves, then up the peak on the front, back down, around the corner to the side, and up another peak.

Ornery is not terribly fond of heights--in fact he prefers the ground best, but he has always been willing to indulge my Christmas zeal, and grumblingly would ascend to the heights to appease the child in me. He did this for a couple of years in this house, but was not very happy about it this last time, as it was extremely cold and quite windy on the appointed house decking day.

All was well the first couple of nights we lit them up. They were lovely, and distinctive. Then, some sort of gremlin got into the works, and the strand that ended just below the peak on the front shorted out. If it had been cold on the day he hung the lights, it was frigid that night when we discovered they no longer looked festive but pitiful.

The "discussion" that ensued was one of the only arguments we have ever had, so we decided to nix the outdoor lights in order to keep "peace on earth" in the season.

Now I just hang a wreath on the door outside, and place a tree within so it can be admired from the street as well as indoors.

Happy New Year!

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