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December 30, 2008



I am still reading many of the blogs I discovered through TT but I think TT had run its course. Happy New Year.


I didn't do TT for very long, but I had started getting a bit bored with it. It doesn't mean that I won't do a list here & there when I feel like it, though. ;)

Happy New Year!

Mary Emken

I'm sorry to hear that the Thursday the 13 is over. Your blog was a great read.

Hope your Christmas was as nice as mine and I want to wish you and your wife a very Happy New Year. Take care.

Mary Emken

Sorry to hear you won't be doing your blog any more . It was a great read.

Hope your Christmas was as nice as mine. Have a Happy New Year. Take care.

Tina Marie

Happy New Year!

You always have a friend in Houston!


I'm sorry to see Thursday Thirteen ending too. But it have been an interesting times to blog hop and discover new friends :)

Have a good New Year with your loves one!


Happy New Year, Nick! I'm in deadline hell, but I wanted to stop by and give you a big New Year's MUAH! One day, you and me, some alcohol, and a lotta laughs making fun of the fluffy headed ones. Pinky swear!

storyteller's other blog

I didn't realize T-13 was no more because I've been too busy to participate lately ... but I have a bunch of my favorite T-13ers in my 'reader' ... so I'll drop by from time to time when I can. Happy 2009 to you & yours.
Hugs and blessings,


Oh, please don't stop TT-ing, I love your TTs, and I had only done 4 when they ended it. I'm really saddened that they stopped it, and the website isn't even there anymore. =(

But I'm still going to go on with my TTs, and I hope some people will too. Please do! =) Have a very Happy New Year!!

Wylie Kinson

I will miss your TT's N, but am confident you'll find something equally interesting to fill the void... and to keep us entertained ;)


We loved the spirit of T13 and the people (like you!) that we "met" through it. So we decided to continue on in a similar vein. Stop by and say hello. We look forward to lists from you about historical socks ;0)

jayedee in the lost world

no! say it ain't so! no more tt? unthinkable!
i intend to continue the tradition, and hope you will too! i'd miss your lists too much to even consider never seeing another!!
happy new year!


Happy New Year to you! I am going to miss the meme, too. I wrote a post before I realized it was gone. I haven't been too faithful this last few months, but I still enjoyed reading them from time to time.



When I clicked the link, I saw that you already had 13 comments. Prophetic? Heh!

I don't see any reason to stop the list-making. I posted 13 goals today. I've seen a few other 13 lists this morning. I say, keep making lists of 13 on Thursdays, add your link where there are linkys that allow for such and we keep it alive that way. You never know...

Happy New Year, Nick!

Alice Audrey

I know I shouldn't complain, but I kind of did anyway. I just had to do one last TT.

I'm glad you will still be handy. I have every intention of dropping by now and then, if nothing else, then in the hopes of another voice recording. :)


I can't still accept the fact that TT is over that's why I keep visiting those blogs I discover thru it and the blogger where I learned a lot just by reading their TT. Happy New Year!!!


I had done 160 Thirteen Thursdays. I'm still doing them actually.


I had done 160 Thirteen Thursdays. I'm still doing them actually.


I was wondering what happened to TT?? Dont be a stranger...there is always WW:)


TT was the only meme I ever did with regularity, and hadn't participated for a long time, but wrote one on New Year's day, before I knew it was gone.


I just posted my new TT. I just keep doing it. Why not join me (and probably others)? I always like your lists!


I'm very late, but thanks for the heads up. I'm very sorry to see T-13 go. It was nice to meet you, Nicholas.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

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