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December 10, 2008


On a limb with Claudia

Gosh, you know I never ever thought of it. I wonder if you could create an entire world where everyone's last name meant something else. Probably .... hmmmmmm

Adelle Laudan

Now you've got me looking around the house LOL I'm not stopping until I find something not on your list lol Happy Holidays~


Fun likt, Nicholas. I guess four our tall friends there is the name Crane.

Nicole Austin

I didn't realize all those were last names. Interesting list. I can see all of them and more from where I'm sitting.


You are very creative....right about now all I can think of is tooting dog....does that count??

Thanks for visiting my T13!


Actually, I don't personally know anyone with any of those last names. I used to know a guy with the last name Woods (plural). And there's Lucille Ball, of course. Glad she's not plural, actually.


Wylie Kinson

LOL!! Whatever you're on, dear N, I want some ;)


I know someone with the last name Bannister. Neat list!


I only know 4 people with some of those last names. Wax and Box seem weird.

I have one: Plant (usually with an E on the end).


Cable?? Really?? Thats weird....Happy TT:)


I only know someone with Page & Head...
I dont know about Box & Wall, really? intreresting... but you always have something interesting to share....

Happy T-13
Thanks for stopping by......


how about the Stock? ;)


I missed you last week!! Where were you?! =) I could probably find some, but I don't actually know many real life people with English last names. Unless I use Chinese names and translate them. My own last name, translated, means yellow. =)


Interesting list.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures

Interesting list. I know one with last name Table and not a thing but my best friend in high school had a last name "Burden". Glad she got married right away (after high school) to erase that name! :-)


The only one I can think of and see as I sit here is Light.


I'm just thankful that my last name isn't foot! Or formica, or banana, or wall for that matter. That was a cute, albeit silly, Thursday 13. :)

Anthony north

We certainly see a lot if we look for it.


You've even got my maiden name on there! Though, considering you were in your living room and looking around, it's really not all that hard to find it. It's an easy one, but I won't tell you what it is :-D


Fun idea - all I can come up with from my desk are Block, Glass & Light.


This is a great, fun list!


Great list...but too much for my brain right now. Well, I guess I could say "Glass" as in the famous "George Glass" boyfriend of Jan on The Brady Bunch.


You have a very warped mind - I love it, lol. Of course I do wonder just how much time you have on your hands now. . . . .

Take some of the time and add to my TT list of 13 Things To Do With That Stupid Fruitcake You Just Got, I'd love to see what you come up with - just click my screen name for the link to my fruitcake TT!


I haven't been participating in T-13 for a while now because I don't have much time to visit others, but I noticed this in my 'reader' and thought it was a 'kewl' topic so I clicked over to let you know ;--)
Hope all's well with you and yours.
Hugs and blessings,


Some people's last name is Foot? hahaha
I see Glass and Cage.


That's a great idea for a list! The only thing I can add right now is a glass.
Thanks for visiting my TT.


Heh, that's an inventive list. The other day, for no reason in particular, I found myself thinking of US cities that are also first names.

Happy TT!


Fun list! Happy TT!

The Gal Herself

We used to play a game that had us listing people whose names were also body parts. I wrote "Lucille Ball" and my mom yelled at me. So thanks for the smiles and the memory, and thanks for visiting my TT.

Alice Audrey

I never meet anyone named Cable, but I grew up with a couple of Boxes. :)

Shannon H.

Cool idea for a TT.


That is the most bizarre T13 I've seen. Know anyone named Gnome? Yup - I've got a cheesy plastic one glowing in the corner of my room - joke X-Mas gift that I've become awfully partial to. Thanks for visiting my more stable T13 (book sources)!


Very interesting. I wouldn't have thought that some of those words might be names, but reading them, I'm sure some poor soul out there might be saddled with them.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Eaton Bennett

Imaginative list...I like the simplicity of it! Happy TT :)


What a great T13, Nicholas! I love it! Now let's see...what do I have here...


The Bumbles

I can also see 2 ottomans from my couch - does that mean that I have an empire brewing?


Cable? That's a new one on me. I'll have to get out the phone book now.

That's a really neat photo of the London Eye. Did you take it?


Clever list! I've never met anyone with a surname like DVD or Computer, so I'm going to have to stick with "Wall."

Matthew James Didier

Didn't the Pythons excel in this sort of thing? Herbert Anchovy, Jethro Q. Walrustitty, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Brain, Raymond Throat-Wobbler Mangrove (who was also known as Raymond Luxury-Yacht), Mr. Ken Very Big Liar, Mr. Smoketoomuch, Wombat Harness... oh the list doth go on!!!


The only surname there that I recognize is Wood...I know a Woods too. Wax? I'm just curious....where did you spot it whilst sitting on the sofa?
Great T13...very unusual topic! Clever! I skipped this week but will be back next. I hope.


Oh, except that I'm back at wordpress again..there's always something that i forget to mention....

Ann Bruce

Bolt sounds like the name for a cheesy superhero or spy comedy.


lol that was a great idea nick! how interesting

hope you have a great new year

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