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January 21, 2009



I think the most dangerous thing about America is our horrifically short memory. I also worry that we will all too soon forget what it was like to open the paper every day and see some idiotic, dangerous, terrible thing being done in our name, benefiting the rich and robbing the rest of us of our money, our liberties, and our pride of country.

Obama most certainly will not be able to cure all the ills of our country, even with an enthusiastic Congress in his corner. But here it is, only his first day in office, and it's already a better country than it was yesterday. Keep it up, Barry!


Oh, and regarding the's the same one for VP and members of Congress. The one the President uses is part of our Constitution, while the other is not. Why? Don't know.


Great post, Nick! Had I tried going to a local bar to watch in my lil corner of the desert, I might've been stoned. Like, not gotten stoned, but actually been stoned. LOL
I loved the prayer at the inaugural concert. (here

We'd all do well to remember this:
"Bless us with patience – and the knowledge that none of what ails us will be “fixed” anytime soon, and the understanding that our new president is a human being, not a messiah."


I also watched some footage of the inauguration day last night on t.v. Actually, I feel a little sorry for Obama, because there's no way he can fulfill all the expectations that people have of him, even if many of them say now that they will be patient. I'm sure their tune will sound very different in a couple months' time when not all of the problems simply vanish overnight.
But he certainly seems to make an effort right from the start, for which one can only applaud him.
Was I the only one who felt a bit tense when he and his wife got out of their car and walked a bit of the way on the way to the White House? Must have been a nightmare for the secret service agents around him. :)


Apparently, Obama became president during the chamber group's performance, which lasted until about four minutes after 12. The oath, while mandated by the Constitution, is a formality. Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office on a plane from Dallas to Washington, even though he became president the instant JFK died.


This is so well written, Nicholas, thank you! I enjoyed every minute of it, although I felt that neither the singer nor the poet weren't as lively and enthusiastic as I felt they should have been, given the enormity of the occasion!

I realized later that although I had watched the Inaugurations of Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush Jr., (not sure where I was for Bush Sr)this one felt very different for me. It was as if I was watching it with different eyes because this is my adopted home-land. Taking a real, genuine interest, I suppose!

Bella :)


I'm still feeling the euphoria, Nicholas. And it's not about to wear off anytime soon.

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