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February 05, 2009


Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy

I did this before, but on a longer list of items. I got them all, but it took me a few days.


i admit it, i'm confused. i don't know what i'm looking at but it's certainly intriguing!

Alice Audrey

Um... none? Want to throw me a variable?

Eaton Bennett

Oh no, headache coming on...I absolutely suck at this sort of mind bender. LOL Happy TT! :)


Apparently, my brain has already shut down for the day. Sorry.

Matthew James Didier

This is one of those things I know, when I see the answers, I'll feel like an utter clod... but after dealing with a handful of utter nobs who's vision of actual science revolves around "Machines that go Ping!" for most of this evening, my brain is utterly fried...


Give me a clue! I'm stumped!



I dont get it....doest that make me retarded? Happy TT and thanks for the heads up and for stopping by:)


don't you know it's impolite to tease a brain? ;) Now it feels inferior, and must go mope in the corner. :)


ah, way to make my brain hurt....
But I got quite a few of them....


1001 Arabian Nights
29 Days in February in a Leap Year
7 Wonders of the World
1 Horn on a Unicorn
12 Signs of the Zodiac
90 Degrees in a Right Angle
The others don't jump out at me. And if it doesn't pop out right away I get fixated on the totally wrong word - such as...40 Days and Nights of the God Father haha!

Here's one for you - 76 T led the B P


Definitely not my sort of mind game.

Brenda ND

LOL, before I started figuring them out, I read the comments of those before me. I'm going to share these with my son. He likes these kinds of puzzles. Thanks.


Fortunately there was Bumbles to explain ! I thought your keyboard went mad !


After reading Bumbles' comment at least I know what you are getting at. Never seen anything like this before. I still wouldn't be able to figure any of it out myself.


Okay, what am I supposed to get? LOL

Cindy Swanson

Wow, Nicholas...count me among those who are stumped!

About "Lost" are one of a handful of people I know who actually gave the show a chance and couldn't get into it. At least you gave it a shot. :) Yes, it is far-fetched and outlandish, but that's sci-fi for just have to swallow your incredulity and flow with it. As I said on my blog, it's the characters who really bring me back! :)


Oh Nicholas! This has been soooo frustrating..but you obviously thought I needed something to do this morning and you were right...this has kept me busy!

The ones that I got are:

29 Days in February in a Leap Year
7 Wonders of the World
12 Signs of the Zodiac
88 Piano Keys
40 days and Nights of the Great Flood
54 cards in a deck (with the joker)
90 Degrees in a Right Angle

The ones I kicked myself for after reading your comments- because I should have got them, I know them! are:

1001 Arabian Nights
I Horn on a Unicorn

But!! the others I am completely stumped over and driving myself crazy trying to work out ......What on earth is
3 = B M (S H T R) ??!!


I figured they were book names, but alas...I don't know a one!

The Bumbles

OK - how about 10 Decades in a Century?

Ah ha - and 3 is 3 Blind Mice (See How They Run)!!!! Just came to me. Thank God.

Really annoyed I missed the Piano Keys one.

I feel like 64 is blocked to me because I keep thinking Sides on a something and that can't be right - but it is all that my brain will let me see.

No clue on 57.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Aargh. I should know more of these than I can think off the top of my head, but I've had a headache since 9 this morning...

(btw, 57 = Heinz Varieties, of course!)


Thank the Gods for the Bumbles. Good one, Nicholas!


Where's the answer key? I can't think!!!! Thanks for stopping by my T13.


Fun Thrusday 13

Made the mistake of reading the comments first. Anyway, the one I got was 64 squares on a chessboard, plus the Bumbles' 76 trombones led the big parade.

Nicola O.

I got 9/13 before reading comments, but I've seen this kind of puzzle before so I had an advantage. ;)

Does 57 have anything to with Heinz Ketchup?

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