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February 25, 2009



What a great idea for a T13 list! Very interesting :-)

Adelle Laudan

Wow is it ever crowded. How do they sell anything? Kind of weird there isn't a whole lot of women. I love the mustaches. LOL Thanks for the blast from our past.


I've never seen so many hats. No high heels?


What an interesting video! You're right, the most noticeable thing is how everyone is staring at the camera! Happy TT!


Cool stuff:) I like to wear hat's when Im having a bad hair day!! Happy TT. Thanks for sharing.


I like this interesting T13 you got...

Maybe the women went out dressed as men, so really, more than half you see is women in drag.

Alice Audrey

I was just noticing all the hats, and the lack of women, and how crowded, and the way some people even kind of followed the camera. I thought they were like publicity hounds, but maybe they didn't know what it was. Nicholas, this is a treat. Great TT.


I thought he was dealing cards, too - very oddly though, lol.

I could only see two people smoking, which really surprised me.

What a great clip!


This is a truly unique TT, Nicholas. I loved it and most especially your curious ponderings about the man in the Stetson!
Happy TT!
I'm up at both Thornesworld
and The Eclectic Witch!
I hope you'll stop by!


That was a really interesting clip. Thank you, Nicholas.

Brenda ND

You make me want to visit! I love street markets.


Very interesting post !

Thank you for your kind comment on my Thursday Thirteen post !


Interesting 13, and educational to boot.


Wow, what an amazing part of history. I just love anything to do with history. What a crowded street to shop on. It's fascinating how times have changed. Thanks for sharing this interesting peace of history.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Very cool. Well, until that last paragraph. That gave me chills.


Wow, talk about nostalgia-retro! I think you got me beat this week! This was very cool - didn't even know there were videos from this era on YouTube, lol! Thanks.

Here's MY 13 FAVORITE RECIPES (with free recipe cards with my own art) OF TINY FOODS (appetizers) from ME, THE DIVA OF TINY FOODS, I was hungry when I was trying to come up with my list, lol.

Happy TT!


How interesting! I really like what you did here. Happy TT!

On a limb with Claudia

What a fabulous list! I love this. And I had no idea. I have a sense that I 'should' know about of this... so now I do. As always, it's a pleasure.

Carol @SheLives

What I found interesting is how the camera operator tended to focus above everyone's heads for the first half of the clip. And how few women were there.

Was that Col. Sanders at 2:14?

Very cool T-13, Nick! How clever!


Very cool video. TFS.


Very interesting. I love post that teach me something I'd never find out on my own. Great post!


What an original idea for a T13 - very interesting!


How scary that it almost went into oblivion. Thanks for posting it!


Very interesting post....

Thanks for visiting my T13. Happy Thursday!

Matthew James Didier

One of my earliest memories of London is Petticoat Lane... that and Potobello Road and Camden Market... of course, that wasn't as far back as the film (very interesting and very glad they were rescued,) but somewhere between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic era... the early 1970's... and although my memory is shaky, some things haven't changed all that much!

Cindy Swanson

That was fascinating, Nicholas! Thanks for sharing a cool piece of history...and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TT. :)

Eaton Bennett

Fascinating clip...the most prominent thing to me was, where are they hiding the women? :)


I have a Stetson. Black felt. FINE hat.

Loved the vid, Brit!



You made some keen points of reference in this clip. It is sad that many of the boys in the clip likely turned out to be casualties of WW I.

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