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March 25, 2009


Ann Bruce

Note to self: Try to use one of the words in the left column in the next book.

Adelle Laudan

Clever list! Happy T13!


How about probiotic?

The Gal Herself

"Feckful" is my favorite! I've expanded it to "ruthful," "grateless," and "peerful." I'm sure you'll have me thinking of more. Great TT!


Love this! Call me silly...I never thought about the deodorant!!

Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy

Never thought about it, but you're right!


My hubby teases about putting on his odorant. I didn't know it was real word. Apparently, spell checker doesn't think it is. It's underlined with the dreaded red dotted line.

Very clever list. I've heard of some, but not others. Going to have to think about gust in that context. Hmmmm.


Ahhhhhhhhh YA, wow...great list. I never thought about it. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Its always nice to see you:)


What a great list and I wish you'd done it about two weeks ago when I used the word "couth" and was told it wasn't a word! No dictionary available and I wasn't going to argue with an idiot - but I do so love to be right, lol!!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my 13 ART TRIBUTES to ICONS, LEGENDS & HEROES that shaped my world at


Fabulous list!

On a limb with Claudia

Huh, that's brilliant. I don't think it's ever ever occurred to me. Wow. how is every little thing?

Anthony North

Never thought of this, but you're quite right.

My T-13


LOL, I didn't even know those words existed in their positive form. But I just love "feckful" and "maculate". Have to try to work that into some conversations soon.

Hootin' Anni

Great idea for 13. I just like the sound of uncouth, don't you?

Mine are posted now...hope to see you there sometime if you can find a bit of your day to stop by! happy Thursday.

Angeleque Ford

I never thought about it but you're right. Deodorant and Immaculate never occurred to me.


I'll have to refer to some of these the next time I play Scrabble.


Evitable might be my favorite. I've used the word gust, biotic, and histamine, but none of the others of course.


I don't think I knew biotic was a word. :) A very original T13!


I think that "couth" is the only one on this list that I can recall actually using.

A few of them are used so little that they don't even seem like actual words... as though they don't seem quite finished without the various prefixes attached to them.

I like "feckful", though. It has a good sound. I think that I need to use this word more.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Are you sure some of those are real words when they're not negative???


evitable...great! it. I'd never thought of these as real words before, because of course they're so rare. Great TT.


I like to visit because I have fun and learn something. Then again,you are far too clever and I feel quite insecure:)


I've heard Couth and Histamine fairly recently, but that's it. Good point!


LOL! This has got to be one of the best T13s I've ever come across. Yes, why is no one ever descript or couth?


Thanks for putting a "positive" spin on things ;0)


What a great list, Nicholas!!! I can always count on you for something interesting. Of these, I have definitely used the following:
Advertent (Inadvertent)

Couth (Uncouth)

Odorant (Deodorant)

Pervious (Impervious)

Licit (Illicit)

Histamine (Antihistamine)

Infectant (Disinfectant)

And I must try to use:
Feckful (Feckless)

Maculate (Immaculate)

I like those two a lot!
Happy TT, my friend!


Brilliant! A wonderful list of words. Happy TT. :~D


i never knew this nick. i learnt something new today!

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