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March 11, 2009



Some of the most yummy delicious places on the planet!


thanks for this wonderful list, I didn't know that the food was name after the place (or the other way around)


You forgot the adjunct to this list: China!

I posted a TT also. Feel free to visit: htp://


These are names of places? LOL! I only knew some of them, but it must be so fun to live in a delicious place! =)

Hootin' Anni

Super idea.

My thirteen is now posted...come join me? Happy Thursday.


I think I would Love to visit these places just to see them!


What a great list! Wine, cheese and a dash of coffee and chocolate... I'm up at both my spots - do drop by one of them!


Okay, hungry now. :)

Adelle Laudan

Seriously? LOL Imagine living in Bologna...too funny. Great list, Nicholas.
Happy T13!


I didn't know Cheddar was a place, but the others were not too surprising, great list! Roquefort for me please.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Now I'm hungry, Nicholas! But just as my cats are named for the small English town where they were first born, it makes sense that food would be named from where it hails, too.

I'm still hungry... must fix that...


Oh, this was a priceless TT - thanks Nicholas, lol!

Now come stop by my Folk Music Hootenanny, and bring some of that food and drink!

Brenda ND

Huh, you're right, Just reading the place names makes me hungry.


Another 13 that leaves me hungry. It's a plot I say...


Mmh, thank God it's dinner time soon. Great TT idea!


mmm, now I'm craving cheese!


When's dinner?

Enjoyed the post. Looking forward to seeing more.

Alice Audrey

Excellent list!

I went to "Munster" on mine this week. We're in sync.

The Gal Herself

What a wonderful idea for a TT!

Eaton Bennett

Interesting and creative, very cool TT! :)


Sounds like a wine and cheese gourmet shop.


This may be about places but my friend is a sommelier and would be so loving this post. It is always about the finest cheese & wine. Thanks so much for your comment, although I am bummed to find out about the steak:(


Hmmm... craving cheese all of a sudden :)


I very much appreciate that you don't drink any coke or other soft stuff !

Matthew James Didier



What a fun list! Happy TT.


I didn't know that there was a place called Tabasco. I'll bet it's spicy.

Ann Bruce

Thanks, now I'm hungry. Then again, I'm always hungry. Just realized most of the list is French or Italian.

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