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April 22, 2009



When I read your opening, the first thing I thought was, "a definition to go with each word doesn't mean they are the real definitions". I didn't expect the words themselves to be fake too. Very clever.

On a limb with Claudia

SQUEEEE!! <-- Ok, this is a least favorite word, but you get what I mean. I love these posts. And really who knew?

Bless you for sharing!


You had me there for a minute!! Very funny!!


Thank you for a good laugh. I like the way pitypefi sounds, too bad it isn't a real word.


I havent heard any of those funny. Thanks for the info my friend. Happy TT:)


They look like blogger word verification words. Unreal!

Adelle Laudan

I love 'new to me' words. Sometimes I challenge myself to include on in a manuscript I'm writing. For some reason, I doubt I'll find reason to use, Hasubber LOL
Great list! Happy Earth Day.


LOL! I almost believed you too! How did you decide which word to use for which definition?


"Volonalk" instantly made me think of something that one might hear on "Star Trek": "... approaching the planet Volonalk, captain!"

Also, when I saw "jobels", I imagined someone saying, "He kicked me right in the jobels"!

Hee hee... made up words are so fun.

Yvonne Y

You got me!! Here I thought I could be expanding my

Alice Audrey

Those are wild! Love um.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures

You could start a new dictionary! :-)


Very good, Nicholas!! There we are with that psychic connection again. I'm always defining the word verifications. I can't help it, they just come to me. Clever of you to think to write them down and share the amusement. Have you ever played the board game, "Balderdash"? Too much fun! Happy TT, my friend!

Andrea Jackson

Great words! I'm a word person. A couple of weeks ago, my TT was words!

Mary Emken

You had me going with the word Sterr. I even brought out my medical dictionary. Being a nurse for 29 years it just didn't ring a bell. You have a great sense of humor. Don't ever loose it. You must keep your wife in stitches every day. Fun TT.


Now I have to dig out my book "Revise your English", lol !


I don't know what a word verification is, but this was fun. And I'm glad I read through to the end, or I might have made an ass out of myself trying to incorporate some of these words in conversation this week.


GREAT post!!!!
Wish I had a better word for ya.

Happily Retired Gal

Very clever and fun too! Methinks my fav is the correct name for the excrement of maggots (hasubber) and I may pay more attention to word verifications in the future ... or not ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
aka HRG

Brenda ND

Wow, great words. I don't think I've ever heard any of these. Cool.


Proof that the word verification systems is really an alien language with English equivalents that can be psychically gleaned by the clever. *grin*

Thanks for the smile Nicolas. Hope we can talk soon.


Matthew James Didier

Okay, now use them all in a sentence.


LOL! I like it! Great job.

Thursday 13 - edition 4


OK, you had me going. Especially with the first one. It kind of sounds like a trombone. You must have lots of fun putting these lists together.

Daily Panic

This was funny...coudn't think of why anyone would have the need to talk about the excrement of maggots.
Wonderfully imaginitive definitions.
Happy TT!


You're so funny! And creative!


I shall have my son test his band teacher with trombone trivia. Of course I shall show my son how smart I am first:)

auto glass arizona

Thanks for the laugh!!! I will have to show this to my friends.

The Gal Herself

Elaborate, please. "The name for fragments of perished rubber that flake off when it is handled." Perished rubber what? I have too many pictures in my mind to accompany this and some are downright creepy!


I was about to tell you I had such a terrible Sterr that I was hanging on to the Jobels for grim life. The Pitypefi the doc gave me for my allergies is as likely to have caused it as the Belat I had in that fancy restaurant in the city yesterday.

But since you made it up....sniff...I guess the get well card isn't in the post then?



Pamela Kramer

You're so funny! Where do you come up with this stuff?


I'm with Thorne - you would be very good at Balderdash. Although I did think that Hasubber was suspect - the "correct" definition? I couldn't fathom why there would really be that many options to define maggot excrement - glad to know that there aren't!!!


You have a nifty blog here. I'm just stopping by to look around. And I love it. I'd love to have you over to my site sometime. :)


LOL great list....I've been taking a break from tt but still reading....instead I have tagged you over here if you are game :)

IRS Compromise

Nice to see someone enjoying what they do.

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