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May 20, 2009



You know...I never wanted to go to Vegas, either, but I DID want to see Cirque du Soleil's LOVE and was glad I did. Is your wife a Beatles fan?


lucky you never in the hospital I have seen to many of them lately myself

Adelle Laudan

LOL I'm watching the finale of American Idol right now! You're not missing much never having gone to Karaoke! It can be pretty painful
Happy T13!


I'm a natural born US Citizen over the age of 60 and I've never served on a jury either. Never even been called to serve.
You do need to go to Vegas and take in the Cirque Du Soliel shows. They are amazing.


I hope you manage not to be in a hospital or break a bone.


I haven't been scuba diving or had an espresso, but I've done all the rest. Good luck managing to stay away from jury duty.


Nice list. I have never done most of those also...except the hospital stays. Five kids and a ruptured disc equal hospital stays. And I broke my arm as a child, but I don't really remember it.

Happy TT!


Oh my, I just came home from work, I work in satellite television (tech support) & 5 or 6 cities across the nation were without their Fox networks tonight- what a mess! I hate having to try to manufacture sympathy for people missing tv shows like American Idol - I've never watched it either & wouldn't if it were the only thing on.

Yvonne Y

I've never done a lot of those things on your list either. Like tried scuba-diving or stayed in the hospital as an adult or jury duty (no jury system where I live), or broken any bones, or had an espresso.


I'm with your wife on the Vegas thing. I've never been either, which was strange, growing up in Colorado - it's such an easy weekend getaway, with cheap flights going there every day.

My husband really wants to go there sometime. I just loathe the idea of it. :)

Breaking bones is really overrated. I've done it a few times & it just isn't worth the hype. ;)


Ahhh, Nicholas! Some of those things are good to not have done, others you might add to your "bucket list" Haha!
No espresso? How about a nice Turkish coffee so thick and sweet your spoon would stand up in it?

Hootin' Anni

Me either!!!! I have never watched American Idol.......nor will I ever begin to watch it.

Happy Thirteening!!


Your not missing anything. Breaking a bone isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Brenda ND

Now you've got me thinking of the things I've never done. I thought of three: I've never been thrown from a horse, (this is due only to limited opportunity--I've been on horseback twice in my life), I've never raced a car,and I've never been in a boxing match.


wow we are like twins on everyone but two of these, karaoke and Indian food.


Serving on a jury is highly overrated. :) I have served and had the most unpleasant experience of my life up to that point because my fellow jurors (1) went into the case with their minds made up before they ever heard any evidence and (2) did not understand the difference between a definite and an indefinite article (A cause vs. THE cause in our case) and how knowing the difference meant drawing the correct conclusion for our jury instructions.

I have sworn off my civic duty as far as serving on a jury is concerned as a result of this experience. Bah humbug!

Mary Emken

Las Vegas,visited had lots of fun ,but don't think I want to do it again. Before you return to Britain you need to see some of the historical places on the East coast of the US.

I do drink cappuccino.

Never watch American Idol. Did do jury duty several times.It can get quite interesting sometime.

Never changed a tire and never will.I will call triple A first.

Broke my big toe and wrist.

Never sang Karaoke or eaten Indian food.
Again a fun list.


Undercover Princess

I've never done quite a few of those, either. I do have a blackberry and I love it!

The Gal Herself

It sounds like (except maybe for scuba diving) you don't much regret what you haven't done. Which is nice, because regret's really a waste of time, isn't it?


I have not done most of these, either. I think scuba diving would be more fun than Vegas, but that's just me.

Happily Retired Gal

Interesting list ... I've not done most of those things either. I have served on a Jury several times and seem to get called to serve every year or two for some reason ... and confess to have watched American Idol a few times.
Hugs and blessings,

The Bumbles

I've sung Karaoke on several occassions which was fun and silly. And I do enjoy Indian food. I saw 1 season of American Idol and that was enough. And I did recently get brave enough to try out those cruise control buttons on my Honda. Handy for long highway drives but still makes me nervous just sitting there without holding a petal to the metal. I tried to play golf once but was so bad that we turned it into a speed round - hit, run, run, hit, run, hit, run, putt, putt, putt, give up, pick up ball and start all over again. I do love watching the pros at tournaments instead while I sip my cool beverage lounging on the grass in the gallery. This was a fun list to ponder!

Pamela Kramer

Las Vegas is a FUN place. It's something you have to see at least once in your life. Well, that would be if your wife changed her mind.

Curry and sewage, I had never thought of that before. I would like to try golf but it does look rather dull. Have a great week!


I live in Las Vegas. If it's the whole smoky casino/gambling thing your wife loathes, tell her there is a ton of stuff to do outside of the casinos! The shows are great, we have gorgeous hiking areas, golf courses, day spas and lots of fun things to do!

I think I will agree with you on the bone breaking thank you!

Grandmother Wren

With the exception of the hospital thing in #3, I've never done any of these things either - and our reasons are very similar.
American Idol?
Karaoke? (be still, my achey-breakey heart before I strangle you!)
Indian Food?
Oh, no,no,no.
And I'm afraid I don't quite understand what a Blackberry does....

Alice Audrey

You are so lucky on the hospital thing. My ds had his appendix removed a couple of weeks ago. I've been in the hospital for more than a day three times, and visited the ER more than once.


I have done all but 2, I think. And Vegas is way over rated.

Thomma Lyn

Ha! We have lots of "never done"s in common:

I've never been to Vegas, never watched American Idol, never used a Blackberry or an IPhone (have a cell phone but it's five years old); I've never sung Karaoke, never done jury duty, and have never been scuba diving. :)


Here in our country, Karaoke is not only done in bars, but at home, in restaurants, and in corner streets - it's because the people here love to sing. You should give it a try sometimes ;)


I haven't done some of these things going to Vegas, or breaking a bone ;)..but I suppose one should always try new things .. I'm talking about Vegas!

Nice blog btw. Love the colors in the layout.

Tina in Houston

I've been scuba diving a few times and it always scares the hell out of me! I could do without it. American Idol and shows of that kind seem to be a total waste of time and brain space. I also have no patience listening to people talk about them. I usually either change the subject, say something rude, or walk away. I just don't get it.

Great list BTW. Enjoyed getting to know you a little better!


Heya Nicholas!!
I've tagged you with a "7 random facts" meme at Thorne's World. If you care to play that's cool, but if not- that's okay, too!

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