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May 06, 2009


marcia @joyismygoal in TX

How many will you have read by the end of summer I like to do 6-8 in the summer:)


I haven't read any of these! I think you should read "The Old Limey" though :-)


Never heard of any except 3: Congo, Lisey's Story, and Making History, which are also all on my TBR incidentally. =) I've never read Stephen Fry, but I've heard so much, I thought I should give his books a try.

Adelle Laudan

Look slike you're going to be a busy boy. Enjoy! Happy T13!


Hollywood Station and Lisey's Story are also on my TBR shelf. Happy TT!


Wow. I haven't read any of these. I'm curious about Congo. I saw the movie back when it was in theaters & actually watched it again recently.

I have a feeling that it doesn't do the book justice.


Besides Michael Crichton and Stephen King the other authors are unknown to me. Maybe they are not translated into french and english books are hard to find!


Finally some books I can relate to! ;-)
Lisey's Story - one of his better ones, but certainly not his best. Could have been a good 100 pages shorter.
A Fine Balance - read that a while ago, didn't really enjoy it, I think I didn't even finish it, but not because it was bad, I guess I'm just not the right reader for it.
Making History - that was my first Stephen Fry and I loved it. It's still my favorite among his books.
Haven't read any of the others, but I just received Chrichton's "Prey" and am planning to read that next (after I finish my current reads).

Brenda ND

I disagree with your wife. I liked "Just One Look", but then I read Harlan Coben's books. My favorite one is "No Second Chance." And I love all the stories about Myron and Win.


Sorry I can't help - I haven't read any of these. Let us know how they turn out though. Happy TT!


Looks like an interesting selection. I haven't read any of them so I can offer no advise but be sure and update us if you find onne that is particularly good.


I'm afraid I can't help you out. I haven't read any of these, but I'm sure you'll get some good reading time out of at least some of them. Happy TT!


"Congo" is excellent! Beware, the movie sucked ass, but the book was great!

And just about anything by Joseph Wambaugh is definitely worth reading.

Might I also suggest book by Ben Rehder.

OMFG, he is absolutely hifuckinglarious!! And a Texas dude, at that...


Jen @ StuffJenSays

I thought "Congo" was very good, written when Crichton's books were still good. The movie was disappointing.


I haven't read any but Lisey's Story, which I read as a book on tape (back to back with Bag of Bones- which was also very good) I'm a Stephen King fan though, so tend to be somewhat easily impressed.
You had mentioned Bernard Cornwell on my blog, I liked Stonehenge but loved The Archers Tale.

Alice Audrey

Of course the Old Limey isn't you. You aren't old.


I haven't read any of them, though I did have someone write a review of Lisey's Story for me back when I ran


I agree with Hill - Congo the movie did indeed suck ass. I have never read Chrichton but would like to. Here's hoping it was just a case of Hollywood screwing up a great book.

Milan - zzz

I liked "A Fine Balance" a lot :)


I'm sorry, i'm no help, I don't recognize any of these books.

The Gal Herself

I'd go with the Harley Jane Kozak book. I've never read her writing, but I know something of her bio. She was a moderately successful actress who gave it up to be an author, I'd be curious to see her style, and whether the career switch was wife for her.


Linwood Barclay's book looks good to has been recommended a couple of times by my librarian friends so it's on my list...I'll let you know when I've read it. I have a feeling I've read him sure I have in fact, but can't recall which book it was. I should keep a 'book list' like my father list of 'have read' and one of 'must read'.

I like Harlan Coben too. I like anything that's gory and frightening basically, the more so the better. I wonder what that says about me?

Bella :)


Without a single reservation, I pick A Fine Balance. I've read it twice and love everything about it. I know its size is daunting, but once you get caught up in the characters, relationships and situations, you will forget the number of pages.

Congo was from Michael Crichton's earlier years when his books were not glorified screenplay outlines.


I read Congo decades ago so am somewhat afraid to trust my own judgement, but did love it back then. The movie was horrific, btw.

I enjoyed the Linwood Barclay and found myself comparing him to Harlen Coben (though not quite as smooth).

And speaking of Coben, you listed the one book of his I haven't read. Do let me know if it's worth it ;)

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