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June 03, 2009



An interesting read. I can relate to the feeling grubby and the Second Life, thing. But, I have to say, after years of using a desktop, and then getting a laptop a few years ago, I always feel awkward going back to the desktop LOL.


Yay, Nicholas!!! Thank you for playing. We have a few more things in common. I too was unimpressed with SW, although I quite enjoy the fantasy world of World of Warcraft. I detest dirty hands (and face), I'm not so hot on stewed prunes, but I like them dried-ish... like in the bag? Yummy! I love the convenience of my laptop, but still prefer my desktop. (Although since I'm a Mac-gal, I don't know what 3 buttons of which you speak)
And I would LOVE to attend your party! What I really want to know is why you have a "Scarlet Letter" on your sidebar...


Hm, I would have thought the habit of washing your hands before sitting down to eat is quite a universal thing. It's a matter of rudimentary hygiene, after all, isn't it? But then again, I might be wrong, since some people don't even think it's necessary to wash their hands after using the toilet, so what do I know? ;)
I have tried Second Life, too, quite a while ago. But since my computer is quite old it never really worked all that well, so I gave up on it. Once I get my laptop permanently hooked up to the net I might give it another try, but since I waste too much time on useless stuff already, it might be better to not even get really started with SL. How people can spend virtually their whole time in there is beyond me anyway.
As to those 3 mystifying computer keys you mentioned: I don't think anybody in the world has ever figured out what the Pause key is good for. As far as I know it doesn't do anything at all - which funnily shows that it is quite aptly named.
The PrintScreen key does exactly what it says: screenshots. If you press it and then open a graphics programm (I use IrfanView for that) and then press CTRL+V you get an image of your whole screen pasted in. It's mainly useful if you make tutorials and need screenshots to illustrate certain points.
I have no idea about the SysRq key, since I don't have that one on my german keyboard. The third one on my keyboard is named "Rollen" with a little downward arrow beside it, which I guess means to scroll down or something. But it doesn't seem to do anything really.
Anyway, I think those keys are really not all that necessary for normal users. Then again, it could be worse: I have 2 whole rows of keys on my keyboard whose function I could program myself. Never used one of them so far and don't plan to.


Hi Nicholas, wonderful blog--great meme!

Thank you most kindly for taking the time to read Unbreakable.


I've never tried Second Life, and I doubt I ever would. There are already so many time-sucks in this online world, I definitely don't need another one!

Prunes are fine, and gosh, it seems to me I may have had them the way you describe, though for the life of me I can't think of where and when. Hmmm.

I'm with you on the reading before sleep thing. Sometimes it's as little as a sentence or two, if I'm really tired. Why bother? Not sure.

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