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June 12, 2009



I almost lost my coffee reading the first portion of your post.

Like you, have this wave of guilt the floods me when I cut the tags off of mattresses. I also always get the willies when I read tags on products that state such and such state does not approve of this item (particularly if there is lead content or what have you). I'm just thankful I have never read such labels on my toothpaste (also look for the "made in China" tag to be safe).

As for cats...been there, done that...I feel your pain. But, still laughing my butt off, anyway :)


Hahaha! Nicholas, please be careful in that chair. You have neglected to consider the possibility of spontaneous combustion (and If you'd allow links here, I'd have linked you some stories about it- it's somewhat amazing). Muaaah!


I like to rip the tags off of things. I have no good explanation for this. I simply hate tags. I enjoy it even more when the tag dares me to do it by warning me that such an action is forbidden.

Hee hee... this made me laugh. I've had to give medicine to my cat on a few different occasions & she did that same trick, pretending to swallow her pill only to spit it out.

What I find the most challenging, however, is when I have to scrub her chin with acne medication. It never fails to bring a ruckus.

I can't believe that I haven't heard of this book! I think that I'm going to have to look into it... I like to read things that are guaranteed to disgust me, piss me off & feed me disdain of the humans. ;)

So glad that I finally had a chance to get caught up on my blog reading - I missed your humor!


Ack! That book scares the hell out of me. I'll thank my mom yet again for being an atheist. And I'll thank the nuns who cared for her for awhile in her youth for being kind, non-abusive women.

I've had cats before, and I don't know how single people give them meds. It's always at LEAST a two person job.

California. Yeah, some idiot here in California would probably dip their lawn chair in gasoline and set it on fire, and then sue the company for not warning them that it was flammable.

Julia Smith

So many LOL's in this one, Nicholas!

'I did feel a frisson of guilt'

'greeted with a barrage of indifference '


I like your review of Kim's book - and I'm looking forward to reading it, myself.

Asthma Meds

I'm just thankful I have never read such labels on my toothpaste. Thanks for this title....

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