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September 10, 2009



Uh oh, I seem to be even more of a tv addict than I thought, because I have seen every one of them at one time or another. Wasn't too impressed with most of them, though, because I can scarcely remember any details. I just remember I hated this frakkin' ET with a passion. Him and the annoying little kid. *blech*

I accept that I probably will never convince you to give Terminator a try, because you'd probably hate it anyway. But you should try Reservoir Dogs. It was an awesome movie, really. And it has neither robots, nor time-travel, nor wizards or elfs in it. *LOL*


The only one I share with you is The Passion of the Christ. I simply will not see it. I know of people who took their very young children to see it because they thought the children NEEDED to see what Christ went through. I felt like that was almost child abuse.

I'm not sure you can get into heaven if you haven't seen The Sound of Music! I think I know every word of it by heart. We got our VHS of it when one of my kids had the chicken pox and it played pretty much nonstop throughout our confinement.

Alice Audrey

This if funny; I've seen every one of them even though I don't watch all that many movies.

Calico Crazy

I've never seen Reservoir Dogs, and I fell asleep during Apocalypse Now and The Passion of The Christ. The rest I've seen, several more than once.

Americanising Desi

OMG you really are missing on some gems!!!

Click here for my Thursday 13

Americanising Desi

hoping you 'll drop by!


You've never seen the Wizard of OZ or The Sound of Music????

Thanks for stopping by my T13 :)


I've see 10 of those, all great at the time.


Wow, lots of these are classics, but then you're a reader and it's hard to have time for everything. Happy TT!


Now that's a great list - you should refer to it sometime and watch some of them!!! I've only not seen Passion of the Christ. Never had a big draw for me.

As for my book list (none of which you have read - I am seeing a trend today!) I think you would really enjoy Three Day Road.


Me, I never seen these movies:

Reservoir Dogs

The Wizard of Oz


It's A Wonderful Life

Dances With Wolves

I hope that you will visit my blog..


i'm gonna look for a husband slash good cook (lol). thanks for the tip :-)


OMG, that comment is intended for another T13 participant. my bad :(

I was supposed to say neither have I seen Passion of the Christ, E.T., Reservoir Dogs, Apocalypse Now and It's a Wonderful Life. Again, sorry for the mix up.


I've seen all of these except for 'The Princess Diaries' & 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

It's rare that I'll want to watch anything with 'Princess' in the title, aside from 'The Princess Bride', however, I always kick myself for never having seen 'It's a Wonderful Life'. I sort of feel as though I have ignored some cultural holiday duty.

'Reservoir Dogs', on the other hand... I LOVE this one - I can practically recite it. ;)


You've got to see Gandhi and Apocalypse Now (hopefully on different nights).


I have seen all but three of these, and the three I've missed realyy don't appeal to me.

Thanks for visiting my list last week (13 things in Madison)!


I've seen several of these, and would recommend Terminator highly. I also really love It's A Wonderful Life. Don't care about the rest, though I did cry watching ET when it first came out. So sue me, I was a teenager! ;)


Six years ago I watched the 1st, 2nd, 5th and the last almost regularly. Now that you listed these titles, I'm getting curious and fancying a peep at them one of these days.

Happily Retired Gal

I've seen a few of these ... loved ET when I saw it years ago and Dances with Wolves too.
Hugs and blessings,


*gasp* you've never seen the Wizard of Oz! Shocking!

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