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September 16, 2009



I saw two or three episodes of Will and Grace, and I've occasionally seen Oprah. Otherwise, I'm right there with you.


Ah well, you really didn't miss much with those 13 shows (now, if you had put Firefly on this list, which you probably still haven't watched and even if you did, probably hated...never mind).

Personally I love Bones and I occasionally watch all of the CSI versions (the hilarity of Horatio's inane oneliners and sunglasses-obsession is just too good to miss), but that is just because I love seeing mangled corpses in varying states of decomp. And I love to point out when they make science mistakes.
Numb3rs is pure eye-candy (for women, obviously), even though all the bloody math is complete gibberish to me. But then I just wanna watch the guys, not actually listen to them, so that's alright.
Grey's Anatomy is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, even though I only watch it to complain about how bad it got in the last 2 or 3 seasons. And the whole "ghost sex" debacle was just too funny not to watch.

God, I can't wait till all my shows' new seasons start. Thanks for reminding me. *grmpf*

Just out of curiosity: would you get a list together with 13 shows you do watch? I'd be really interested to see that one (even if it's not 13 and even though I probably wouldn't have heard of half of them).


I've seen a couple of those shows, but the only one I watch regularly is Grey's Anatomy. I have never watched American Idol. Don't think I ever will!

Julia Smith

I'm with you on everything except Oprah - I've seen a few of those - and Everybody Loves Raymond. My gram loved that show and I often watched it with her, including when she was in the hospital and could no longer hear me, so I wrote out everything I wanted to say and she read it. We giggled at that show together, and now when I bump into it it makes me feel like Gram is close by.


I don't watch most of these, but do like the original CSI and Numb3rs, and loved Will & Grace when it was on.


I've watched Oprah, Will and Grace and Raymond. That's about it for that list.

Creina gahan

I think you missed out on a lot! I watch CSI
Miami, used to watch Gray's Anatomy, Everybody Loves Raymon, definitely American Idol (altho' mostly when the contenders are down to just a few)and havenow started to
watch Southland. (Given your interest in police work I'm surprised you don't!) Oprah if she's got a guest I'm interested in (it's usually advertised). But then I don't have a mate or cats to talk to when I'm on my own!


The only one I've really seen is Grey's and its pretty good. I'm also a girl who really likes watching relationship drama, so that might be why I like the show.

The rest I've only seen in passing (if that), so I don't think you're missing all that much.

storyteller at Small Reflections

I've never seen many of these shows either, but I confess I've enjoyed both Bones and Numbers on the few occasions I've seen those shows.

J-Dawg's Realm

I have to agree with Samulli in the Firefly comment - a series that SHOULD have been out there ALOT longer than it was

The only two I have gotten into are The Biggest Loser and Grey Anatomy (the last one at my girlfriends request - its actually pretty good writing!)

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the globe - hope you will visit again soon.


Love Numb3rs.

Am proud to say I've NEVER watched an episode of "Friends."


Tina in Houston

I don't watch reality shows. Complete waste of time. I have my own life to live and don't particularly enjoy watching others live theirs. Especially since the shows are edited to someone else's idea of a story anyway.

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