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January 06, 2010


Mary Emken

Sorry you had such a time getting your flights back home, but I would reather be safe then sorry, so I would just bear it. What the airports need is more finger printing machines so the lines move a little bit faster. I'm glad you both made it back safe and sound. Hope you took lots of pictures.
Stay warm and cozy.


Ok, so it wasn't just happening to us. We just returned home to France from a rather frustrating & messy 2 weeks in the states.

This was the first time that security made me remove my sweater after I had already taken off my jacket. I was so tempted to peel off my t-shirt along with it so I could say, "Well, I had nothing on under the sweater, sorry."

I also noticed on our trip home that for the first time, security guards were checking purses & backpacks at random as people were boarding the plane. Unfortunately, all of that extra checking & rooting around in carry-on bags does jack shit to make me feel any safer.

As for the recent attempted terrorist attack, I can see why he was allowed onto the plane in spite of all of those red flags. I mean, it wasn't as though he had anything REALLY dangerous, like hand cream or toothpaste.

Glad you are back home safe!

Tilly Greene

OMG! I was on that very same flight only Wednesday - the day when no flights were expected to go out because of a blizzard (not really, but it felt like it to them). How freaky would that have been if we were on the same plane :-)

Hope you had a great holiday and maybe we'll find ourselves on the same plane next year - although I doubt we'll be flying out of Dulles.



Crap, that sounds like an absolute nightmare. So glad you're home and safe. I have to fly next week, which I'm sure will be fine...some time has passed, and it's a domestic flight. But still. I'm not the least bit looking forward to it.

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