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December 04, 2010



That stuff is one of the many reasons why I will never go back to inkjet printers. I treated myself to a laser printer a year ago and inkjets now seem like dinosaurs to me.

Those damn ink cartidges annoyed me no end, because they were either drying up or leaking all the time. Especially if you don't use the printer every day, or even every week, ink is just impractical. Not to mention that the printout looks so much neater with laser printers (no more smears when you print several pages at once).

Also, the cartidges for laser printers seem to last pretty much forever. Mine is supposed to last 3000 pages and even though I printed A LOT over the last year, I can't see any sign that it's getting anywhere near empty.

I'm actually a bit annoyed with myself for buying 2 more cartridges for it a couple months ago (when I caught them on sale), because that means I will keep using that printer at least for the next 2 - 3 years. And as much as I am loving the thing, I was kinda hoping to trade up to a color laser next year.


I wish I had known that you were going out to get a new printer, I would have told you about the problem that I've been having for the past few months with the printer that my in-laws gave to me.

I've been having this problem:

Never in colour, I have no alternative but to use ink from the three colour cartridges.

Yes... the SAME! I hate this thing. It's only redeeming quality is that I got it for free, but we've been sinking money into cartridges for months & I never print anything in color.

We tried using other cartridges, but of course, the printer freaks out unless we use the name brand cartridges.

When we finally cave in & replace this stupid thing, we'll be going the same route as Samulli & will invest in a laser printer.

Darla M Sands

It is insidious. My husband bought a do-it-yourself refill kit. Best wishes!

Jazz Music

That is pretty crazy, you know? It happens to many of us though.

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Mo Bradley

It is really frustrating if you ran out of black ink, as the printer would mix your 3-coloured ink cartridge to produce the black one. What I do is to always check the ink level. There are also online ink stores that sells quality generic ink that would save you money and also time.


I had the same experience! I only ever buy plain black ink printers now. Stuff the colour !

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