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May 04, 2011


Alice Audrey

I could see myself using "looby"


So lovely to see you doing Thursday Thirteen again!

Happy TT,

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Anthony North

And I thought Izzard was an attempt at humour :-)

The Gal Herself

The Scrabble-lover in me REALLY appreciates this list. Esp. FARD.


I've never heard any of these used in a sentence. I like looby and porrect. Have you ever played fictionary?

Adelle Laudan

I don't think I've ever heard any of these words used, and as a published author, I've seen a lot of words. lol
Great list. Happy T13!


Is it just me, or does 'Izzard' seem weird without 'Eddie' in front of it?

Looby. This is great. I'm definitely working this one into my vernacular. Also, it's quite fun to say. Looby, looby, looby!

Oh, yes... I'm keeping this one.


Let's bring back purfle!


I love vocab posts. I recognize a couple of these, though you don't see them very often.


I used to be a cunctator, but I'm much more punctual nowadays :-)


I've had a couple of apps on my phone pronounce the letter z as zed. Interesting post. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Love this list! I will have to use them in conversation soon. Looby is perhaps my favorite. Or Purfle...


Good one, Nicholas! The only word in your list I am familiar with is "shoat". Peace, friend!

book publisher

Very amusing - I've actually never heard any of these used in a sentence, love vocab posts:)

A. Catherine Noon

I enjoyed your list! I like finding unusual words and when I read your title, I thought to myself, "Self, these will be words I recognize!"

Boy, was myself wrong! :) Nicely done! The only one I've vaguely heard of is "fard," and I remember it as "fardle" so I'm probably mistaken. A songwriter here in Chicago, John Wiseman, wrote a great song using all the odd and obsolete sea shanty language that makes the song sound horribly salacious when in fact it's simple nautical "stuff." This reminds me of that song.

I hope you continue to write Thursday 13's (that's where I found your blog, is on the TT site); I really enjoyed this one.

Happy TT!


This is great. I'm definitely working this one into my vernacular. Also, it's quite fun to say.

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